What does it mean to be an Eagle Scout?

It means that a scout has the ability to be a leader. A leader among like-minded individuals that uphold a creed, a sacred oath. A passion for life and the principals upon, which this country was founded. Patriotism is a loyalty the Eagle Scout will not break. But more importantly, he will work to make it better. Duty to God is an ongoing learning and incorporating of similar moral values that ensure that he will be a compassionate and productive citizen.

Eagle Scout is not a patch, an award or certificate to hang on the wall. It is a way to live your life. Although the trail to Eagle is hard work and fun; it is much more. The Eagle rank is an education. Each rank is a chapter, a promotion of Character. The conclusion is that by earning the Eagle rank the individual has the tools to be a responsible conscientious citizen who would gladly advance the group before the individual.