Who We Are


Troop 765 began its charter in April 1998, and since then we have strived to provide an environment that allows boys to become well-rounded individuals, exceptional citizens and men of honor and character. By following the aims of Scouting that consist of Character Development, Citizenship Training, and Mental and Physical Fitness we feel that our Scouts will be better prepared to meet the challenges they will face in today's world. By living by the Scout Oath and Scout Law, we embrace a set of ideals and standards that are outwardly displayed in the form of Scout Spirit.


As you watch our young men and boys guide themselves through various scout meetings and functions, it is important to understand we strongly embrace the idea of a "boy led troop". What this means is the boys make the decisions, run the meetings, organize the events, make the occasional mistake and hopefully develop skills that make them better sons, students, scouts and most importantly, leaders.


One of the most important items your son will need is the BOY SCOUT HANDBOOK. I cannot stress enough, the importance of this handbook for your son's success in scouting. As a parent, please take time to read through it. The scout uniform (Full Field Dress) is also a requirement that should be worn to each meeting, as well as National, Council, District, and many troop activities. During the summer months, Scouts decide to wear Troop T-shirts (Activity Dress) to meetings.


Outings are planned regardless of weather. Some of our boys fondest memories are of unusual conditions and experiences encountered in challenging weather. Boys are expected to "Be Prepared" on outings so your son should have proper camping gear including, warm sleeping bag, boots, and raincoat. That being said, adults on an outing are there to make sure the boys aren't exposed to unreasonable hardship, especially our newer scouts. Safety is always our primary concern.


Please take some time to browse this site to see what it has to offer, especially the Troop 765 calendar. Most of the troop updates and event information are sent via e-mail, so it is to everyone's advantage that you have an email address for you or your son that gets checked a few times each week.


Troop 765 understands boys are involved in activities other than scouting. If your son is unable to make a troop meeting or an event he has previously indicated he will attend, we ask your son to advise his patrol leader. Please help to remind him of this responsibility.