Parental Involvement

There are many opportunities for parents to define their active roles such as outdoor programs, advancement, merit badge instruction, social events, fundraising, or service activities. While we strongly embrace the concept of a boy led troop, we also realize that parental support and participation in defined roles is an absolute necessity in our formula for success. For instance, we have found ourselves canoeing down the rapids of Elkhorn or the smooth waters of the Blue River, repelling down a 60-foot wall in Indiana, and camping inside a cave. These are just a few of the exciting things that we have participated in as adults.

In order to participate you must take the Child Protection training course offered, online, by the BSA. You can access it here.

You must also complete the child protection course offered by the Archdiocese of Louisville. You can access information here.

You will need the above certifications for any activity involving the youth. That includes transportation of any youth to and from any scouting event.