Scribe’s Notes

Troop 765 Scribe Notes


Hey everyone!

We’re back! Yay!
Next Week
Next week’s meeting will be Tuesday, March 14th at Ashley Falls. Patrol Responsibilities for next week are:
  • A10: Clean up
  • Blue Angels: off
  • Boss: Skills instruction
  • DA: Set up
  • Dwaggens: Flags
  • Hydra: off
The patrol responsibilities sheet is also attached.
Attendance is attached. Once again, please check and make sure I did it right. Please check this time especially, because I did it myself instead of passing it around, so make sure it is good. Thanks to the people who have responded and told me about errors they saw. It’s for your own good. In your response, please include the following: I will make sure the Attendance Sheet is correct.
PLC Discussion Topics
  • Camp Balboa– Our Mini-PLC before the meeting consisted of just Camp Balboa planning. We discussed things like equipment, schedule, and what to teach younger scouts.
COH Events
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Awards– Congratulations to everyone who got any sort of award. I’ll send the pamphlet in a separate email because the email with them is too large according to Mail Delivery Subsystem. Sorry if the pictures are blurry.
  • Scouting for Food– Scouting for food has started! Be sure to collect those cans! Nick Greco is the SIC for this.
  • Camp Balboa– Camp Balboa is next weekend! It is March 17th-19th. Make sure all your checks go to Mrs. Lee. Gabe Altamirano is the SIC. In your response, tell me if you are going to Camp Balboa.
  • Scout Fair Coupon Books– Be sure to sell those coupon books! Remember that if you don’t sell them, you have to either return them or pay for them. Jacob Sur is the SIC for this.
Scoutmaster’s Minute
The knowledge you gain in scouting is more important than the ranks and badges.
Remember to respond!
Bye for now!
Sean Cooney


Hello good people!

Next MeetingTuesday January 3rd at St. Therese
The next meeting is not until January, because of winter break. Happy holidays!
Attendance is attached. Please check to make sure I got you. If I didn’t, please email me with your name and patrol.
Last week was the troop’s annual Gift Exchange! It was a lot of fun. Everyone got a nice gift.
Christmas Caroling– Tomorrow, Sunday the 18th of December, there will be a Christmas caroling event at Brookdale Senior Living by Torrey Pines High School to sing Christmas songs to the people there. This will be from 1-3 pm. Christopher Caligiuri is the SIC.
Nicholas Volpe’s Eagle Project– Nick Volpe’s Eagle Project will be taking place Monday the 19th, and Tuesday the 20th. It will be at Del Mar Hills Elementary School, and the task will be painting on the blacktop.
Mission Trails Hike– The Mission Trails hike will be Saturday, January 7th. Spencer Lee is the SIC.
No response this time, but please still read the email. It is for your benefit.
See you in 2017!
Sean Cooney


Hey guys!

Next Week– Tuesday at Ashley Falls
Next week is the annual Troop 765 Gift Exchange! Bring a sincere gift that is $15 or less. Please bring something that you would like to get, not just something dumb like a paper clip. Remember, someone is going to get your gift. If you understand, respond with the following: I will bring a sincere gift that is $15 or less to the meeting on Tuesday.
Attendance is attached. If I missed you, please email me with your name and patrol. If there are any new scouts reading this, please check the sheet to see if your name is on the sheet. If you have been assigned to a patrol, but your name is still in the “New Scouts” section, please email me with your name and patrol, so that I can fix the sheet.
Last week was Open House!
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Cub Scout Rotations– Each patrol was responsible for a station. In your response to me, please include what station your patrol did.
  • Scoutmaster’s Minute– Cam Newton got benched because he didn’t wear the proper attire while he was traveling with his team. Make sure that you always wear the scout uniform correctly, so that you don’t get benched. Watch out everybody who doesn’t wear the full scout uniform, the bench is coming for you.
  • Closing Ceremonies
  • CPR/First Aid Class– There will be a CPR/First Aid Class at St. Therese on Saturday, 12/17. Owen Riley is the SIC. The cost is $40 per person. If you take this class, you will become CPR Certified. So, if you are not CPR Certified or need to renew you certification, I suggest that you go to this class.
  • Philmont 2018– We are going to Philmont! Our adventure will be Aug. 5 – Aug. 12, 2018. In your response, please include: Hooray for Philmont!
Remember to respond!
Peace out!
Sean Cooney


Hello everybody,

I am Sean Cooney, and I have the honor of taking over the position of Scribe. I will do my best to fill the big shoes that I have to fill. That sounded way cooler in my head. Now, to business.
Next Week
Open House!! This will be at St. Therese of Carmel. Eric Chang is the SIC.
Patrol Responsibilities:
  • Tent Set Up/Pack Up: Blue Angels
  • Cooking with Dutch Ovens: Hydra
  • Lashings: Dumbledore’s Army
  • Good/Bad Tent: Dwaggens
  • First Aid Stretcher: Boss
  • Orienteering: A10 Spartan Warhawks
Attendance is attached. Make sure to come to the PLC meetings if you are in the PLC. OR ELSE!!! “Or else what?” you ask. Oh. About that. Haven’t gotten there yet…..Moving on!

Vision Statement

Before we get any further, the PLC has created a vision statement to give all the officers something to work together on. Our vision statement is as follows:
During our PLC term, we will improve our communications, preparation, and discipline in order to increase productivity.
This is what the PLC will be working towards during this term. If you understand, please respond to we with the vision statement.
Events and Discussed Topics
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Flags– We need to be able to do a proper flag ceremony. Make sure everyone knows what they are doing before they do flags.
  • Earlier Elections– The PLC has decided to hold troop elections more than a week before the COH, so that the old PLC can teach the new PLC about their jobs before the old PLC leaves. For example, I will be teaching the next Scribe about his new job before my term ends. This is so that the new officers are not completely clueless when they take on a position. Fun Fact: This motion was passed unanimously!
  • Troop Projector– Micheal Taylor is working on finding a projector that the troop can buy. This could be used for skills instructions and other things.
  • New Patrol Box System– Edwin Lim and the new Event Quartermaster, Ryan Clairmont, are working on getting the new patrol box system proposed by Edwin set up.
  • Troop Equipment- Many members of the PLC have seen a lack of good equipment in the troop. This includes incomplete or broken tents, and uncleaned utensils and stoves. To fix this problem our Quartermaster of Events will be taking inventory and finding out what equipment needs to be replaced. Buying this new equipment will help us to be better prepared, which is part of our vision.
  • Patrol Quartermasters– We will be re-assigning patrol quartermasters to help our troop quartermaster, Ryan. Ryan can’t do everything on his own, and things get done a lot faster when 7 people are working on it instead of 1. Ryan would be the chief quartermaster and overseer, and the patrol quartermasters would help him out. If you understand, please respond to me, “If I am chosen to be the quartermaster of my patrol, I will do my best to help Ryan do his job.”

  • Open House– Open House is on Tuesday! Make sure your patrol is ready.
  • Donut Sales- Donut sales are next Sunday, December 11th! First shift at 9:00am is Blue Angels. Second shift at 11:00am is Boss. Be sure to come early to get set up.
  • CPR/First Aid Class– There will be a CPR/First Aid Class on December 17th at St. Therese of Carmel. An SIC is needed for this event.
  • Christmas Caroling– The annual Christmas Caroling event is December 18th at Brookdale Carmel Valley. Chris Caligiuri is the SIC.
  • Dos Picos Campout– This will be a campout for younger scouts to get some requirements done. It will be December 17th and 18th. The SIC is Chris Grecko.
Did you catch the 2 things I asked you to respond with? Respond for a tasty treat!
Have a nice day!
Sean Cooney
Scribe/Almighty Ruler of Life, the Universe, and Everything (ARLUE)


Hello good people of the Troop,


Next week is the Court of Honor, held at St. Therese starting promptly at 6:45. Get there early to help start and finish on time!

Attendance is attached. Remember that every meeting the patrol leader is responsible of marking down everyone in their patrol for attendance. If you didn’t get the sheet by the end of the meeting, make sure to come up to the Scribe. Also make sure to add members of your patrol that came late.
  • Opening Ceremonies- Stay responsible!
  • SPL Election– And Troop 765’s next SPL is… (drumroll pleaaasssee…) TREVOR!!!! He is a junior in high school and has a lot of experience. His chosen ASPL’s are… Tompson and Gabe!
  • Elections– Attached is a picture of the elected positions and which scouts have a position.
  • Orienteering Skills Instruction– Nick Greco taught the scouts how to use the step-calculator. Make sure to come to the orienteering event!
  • Scoutmaster Minute– A reflection on the results of the presidential election. Don’t be afraid to speak up in this troop if something’s wrong or if you need help!
  • Orienteering Event– See SIC Nick Greco’s emails.
  • Ending Scribe Announcement– Well here it is. My last week. I want to thank everyone that read and responded to my emails, for bearing with me through long paragraphs of information. I will try to make sure the next scribe will do better than me to keep strong digital communication within the troop by rewarding people with candy. And without further ado,
Ethan Lee


Hello Troop,

Attendance is attached. Again, the patrol leaders took the responsibility of writing down who in their patrol attended. Although, next term we will have different patrol leaders and a different scribe but I hope to make the transition smooth.

Next Week’s Meeting Details– WEDNESDAY @ Ashley Falls

  • Greeter-  Hydra
  • Set Up- DA
  • Flags- Dwageenz
  • Skills Instruction- Boss
  • Game- Blue Angels
  • Cleanup-  A10


  • Opening Announcements– Make sure to get a replacement for any responsibilities you may have for anything if you can’t get to a meeting.
  • Troop Elections / Troop Position Information- Make sure to run for a position to help run this troop! Get involved and do what you like! See attached document to apply!
  • Astronomy Camp Recap- Campers recalled the good times of the past weekend where they camped out under the stars. Be sure to come to Astronomy Camp next year!
  • Rank Corners- Scouts split up and worked to rank up. Stay productive.
  • Patrol Corners– Patrols worked on their future skills instructions and talked about future events
  • Scoutmaster Minute– Scouting is a way of life! Use the lessons you learn from it to help you in every aspect of your life!


  • November Iron Mountain Hike- Jasper is SIC, but he will reschedule it for another time. Look for future emails for more information and to sign up.
  • Food Bank– SIC Esteban has sent out multiple emails with all of the information. Sign up now!
  • Orienteering– Troop Guide Nick Greco is hosting this at Ashley Falls at 9 AM on November 19th. See his emails.
  • Joshua Tree Backpacking Trip– AIC Mr. Rodi and SIC Juan are getting ready to start this January event.
Please respond to me code word “Election” for some Smarties! Remember next week is Elections and it’s on Wednesday at Ashley Falls!
Ethan Lee


Howdy Troop!

Next Weeks Regular Meeting Details– Held at Sage Canyon Elementary
  • Greeter-  DA
  • Set Up- Dwageenz
  • Flags- Boss
  • Skills Instruction- Blue Angels
  • Game- A10
  • Clean Up- Hydra
If you read the above and understand what your patrol has to do, please respond to me “My patrol, ___ ,will be doing ___ next week”
Attendance is attached. If you are in the PLC it is mandatory to come to these meetings! Also for every meeting we will have Goodies for each PLC like cookies or other treats to have while working hard to run this troop. Special thanks to Gabe A. for bringing the cookies this time 🙂
Events– Topics discussed and the conclusion to them
  • Leadership and Communication– It is truly important to watch your emails and respond as soon as possible to important things.
  • Troop Elections– IS NOT A POPULARITY VOTE! Vote for scouts that you think will make a difference and improve your own experience as a scout. If you are in the PLC, make sure to recruit a successor for your position.
  • New Patrol Box System Test Run– Edwin’s idea is to buy a set of the new boxes and have 1 patrol use it during a campout as a test run. This is not happening on any set date yet.
  • Troop Projector– Michael is still working on buying a projector.
  • Summer Camp 2017– Chawanakee!!!!! Is our final vote. The reasons (in my opinion): Cheap, Close, and COPE! Also Troop 765 has been to it before and it seems like a cool environment to be surrounded by Sequoias.
AnnouncementsFuture events and their details
  • Troop Elections– I encourage many, if not all, scouts to run for a position this upcoming election. It is a great way to get involved and will sign off a Star, Life, or Eagle requirement. But WARNING: Only responsible and trustworthy scouts that will work hard will get that requirement signed off. Elections are in 2 weeks! Fill out the attached document and bring it to a meeting ASAP. If you understand, please respond to me “If I could have a position, it would be ___ because ___”
  • Orienteering- Troop Guide Nick Greco is in charge of this Skills Instruction that will take place before the actual event. The Instructor will also work with Nick. Look out for more information.
  • Physical Fitness Requirement– Nick G. is also in charge of this event. Look out for his future emails.
  • Food Bank- Esteban is in charge of this event on November 12th. For more information look to his emails
  • Astronomy Camp– Sumit is in charge of the event this weekend. All that are going should have gone to the prep meeting before the PLC meeting on Tuesday. He will send out more emails with all of the information later.
Think you can find all the clues in my email? Respond back to me correctly and you will earn some delicious Smarties!
Ethan Lee
Almost Not Scribe Anymore


Hello from the other side!!!! (of your screen) Troop 765,

Important Information About Next Week’s PLC Meeting
  • Held Ashley Falls starting promptly at 6:45 PM for the Patrol Leader’s Council only. If you do not have a position you do not have to attend next week’s meeting.
Attendance is attached. Last Tuesday was an important day for attendance, as we took the Cyber Chip and know who went to the meeting and participated.
  • Opening Ceremonies- Make sure to come on time to help set up!
  • Cyber Chip- Hosted by Yours Truly along with the help of the A10 Patrol, in substitution for Webmaster Spencer we helped teach the Cyber Chip. The troop got separated into 2 different age groups. The groups then proceeded to watch videos and discuss them, proceeding onto playing related games and making skits.
  • Rank Corners– Scouts got organized according to their Rank and worked on getting the next rank up.
  • Scoutmaster’s Minute– The Internet is a big deal! You never know how one action on the internet can affect your entire life! Make sure to stay safe online, folks.
  • Cleanup– Clean up the tables, chairs, and trash good + fast. If you understand, please respond to me “The sooner we clean up, the sooner we can go home!”
  • Cyber Chip Cards- Please respond to me back “I will make a written contract with my parents and talk with Mr. Lee about the use of electronics in our Troop to complete my Cyber Chip.”
  • Physical Fitness Requirement- Troop Guide Nick Greco is planning this event for the future. Look out for his emails!
  • Granite Hills Backpacking Trip– Sean Cooney is in charge of this event that takes place on November 5-6. The mini-patrols met up and discussed important information about the trip before the meeting.
  • Troop Dues- Make sure to pay for your annual Boy Scout Troop Dues! See Mrs. Seki’s emails for more information.
  • How can we be better Campers? It was suggested that we should have a tip on how to camp better towards the end of every meeting.
  • Astronomy Camp– On the last week of October, this awesome camp takes place via SIC Sumit Gupta. The Troop’s telescope will aid you in learning about the stars and will let you earn this cool merit badge! For more information or to sign up please see Mr. Blume’s emails.
Did you catch all 2 of the things I asked you to respond to me with? Respond to me correctly and you could earn some delicious treats!
Ethan Lee


Good Eevee-ning People of Troop 765!

Attendance is attached. We have had several new scouts come in and check out our meetings over the past few weeks. I would like to thank the patrol leaders for being very responsible and marking down all the people that attended in their patrol. In the future I will ask the PLC for possible rewards for the best attendance. Keep it up guys!
  • Opening Ceremonies– A big thanks to the Knights of Columbus who shared the MUR at St. Therese to allow us in for the meeting. As said in the past, the sites of future meetings is undetermined and on a week to week basis.
  • Unit Backpacking Recap- SIC Daniel Widhof and AIC Mr. Rodi did a great job in leading this group of backpackers on a learning trip. A big thanks to them and all that went, and all of you that haven’t experienced backpacking should really go!
  • October Rancho Penasquitos Hike- A humongous thank-you to step in SIC Chris Caligiuri. To all out there, we have a hike every month to get important sign-offs for the early ranks.
  • New Patrol Box System– Quartermaster Edwin Lim presented an idea about getting rid of the patrol boxes and using smaller boxes to be more mobile. If you understand, please respond back to me “I do / do not like this idea because…(briefly explain).” 
  • Cleanup Skills Instruction by Hydra- Patrol leader Tompson led this skills instruction to teach scouts how to properly stack the chairs, use the elevator (exclusively for older scouts and the cleanup patrol), how to roll / carry / put away the tables, and to make sure to pick up trash. Hopefully we can now do cleanup better in the future.
  • Scoutmaster Minute– AHHHH My Note 7 is on fire!!!!!!! The moral of the story: do things good, and fast. Not just fast. Don’t rush and do things too fast!
  • Astronomy Camp- SIC Sumit Gupta has sent out an email for the sign up sheet. Please see his future emails for more information or email him at
  • Community Service Opportunity– Dwayne is SIC for this event that is going to be at the La Posada Men’s shelter. For more information please email him at
  • Granite Springs Backpacking Trip– SIC Sean Cooney is in charge of this awesome event on November 4th and 5th. See his emails to sign up or for more information.
  • Popcorn Sales– If you haven’t already, please sign up to sell Scouting, not popcorn. A lot of the money goes to our Troop! It goes to Summer Camp, to new equipment, to awesome cool things for our Troop in the future! Sign up now for this Saturday and this Sunday!
  • A Scout is… Scholarship Fund– See a future email for details on money that you can earn for essays on your scouting life.
  • Leadership / Board of Reviews– Sign up if you need them by emailing
  • Cyber Chit Skills Instruction– Webmaster Spencer Lee is going to work with the A10 patrol for the skills instruction next week.
Did you catch the 1 thing I asked you to respond to me with? Reply to me correctly and you could earn some delicious treats!
Thanks for reading!
Ethan Lee


Hello All,

Attendance is attached. This is one of the first meetings I let the patrols take their own attendance, via the leadership of their patrol leader. Please make sure you got marked down on attendance!
  • Set Up– Please make sure you are on time and get to the meeting place by 6:35 to help set up!
  • Opening Announcements– Please make sure to know if you are doing flags, and get right on it!
  • Intro To Skills Instructions 101– Miguel helped teach about how to do a proper skills instruction, including speaking loud and clear, making it engaging, and creative! Let’s see if you guys can do a better job at skills instructions than my patrol, DA! 🙂 If you understand, please respond back to me “The patrols’ skills instructions’ quality competition is on!”
  • Rocket Camp Recap– Some funny (or gross, depending on your point of view) stories were kindly shared with us by the group that went to Rocket Camp. Be sure to come next year to have a lot of fun launching rockets!
  • Skills Instructions Prep– Each patrol spent 30 minutes preparing for future, improved skills instructions. Again, challenge yourselves to be better and creative!
  • Philmont Meeting- After the meeting Mr. Rodi held a Philmont meeting for all participating scouts and parents. For more Philmont information, look out for Mr. Rodi’s emails.
  • October Hike- See my separate email for all the details.
  • Donut Sales– Patrols responsible are DA (1st Shift) and Dwageenz (2nd Shift). Come out and help! Patrol members should come!
  • Class B Shirts- Buy Troop T Shirts and Sweatshirts from Mrs. Cardenas
  • Popcorn Sales- Volunteer for several slots available this Saturday / Sunday. Be there, help raise funds for the troop, and be cheerful! If you understand, please reply back “I am going to sell Scouting!”
  • Orienteering Day– Nick Greco and Ryan Clairemont are in charge of this event on November 6th at San Dieguito Park. If you are 2nd class or below, you really should consider coming to this event to get a crucial requirement signed off. Older scouts please come help to lead and sign off younger scouts for this event.
Did you catch all 2 of the things I asked you to respond to me with? Do it correctly and you could earn some smart treats!
Thanks for reading! Feel free to email me with anything you might need.
Ethan Lee
The Scribe


Happy Fall Troop!

Here are this week’s PLC notes. Attendance of the PLC members is attached. Most of every single position in the troop was in attendance, so good job everyone!
Topics – discussed and the conclusion to them
  • Troop Feast Future Memos– For the future year’s Troop Feasts, some suggestions that were made to make the event better include previous preparation, more clear rules, and a more clear order of patrols’ presentation.
  • Troop Feast Payment- Make sure you pay your dues if you went to the troop feast! Patrol leaders are in charge of collecting their patrol’s money for the scout and/or any relatives that came.
  • Summer Games Winner! Drumroll please!!!! The winner of the Troop 765 2016 Summer Games is… the Dwageenz patrol! Congratulations to the Dwageenz and all other patrols that participated (A+ for effort!). Dwageenz members please coordinate with Miguel for your prize.
  • Switching Patrol Boxes– Quartermaster Edwin Lim is working to present a new way to carry all the stuff in the patrol boxes.
  • Class B T-Shirt Design– The design previously made by Luke H. is going through the process of becoming a t-shirt via Mrs. Cardenas
  • Trailer Decal– Quartermaster Alex S. is working to present possibilities of putting a Troop 765 design on the sides of the trailer.
  • Projector- Michael and Jim are working to present possibilities of buying projectors that would be very useful for presentations, announcements, etc.
  • Popcorn Sales Incentive- Spirit Team Juan, Gabe, and Emanuele are in charge of finding ways to motivate scouts to sell popcorn!
  • Skills Instructions– Each patrol must work cohesively together to clearly present a unique, interesting topic. Be prepared and for more information see our Troop Instructor Nikhil. Be creative and do your best with these to go above and beyond!
Announcements – details of future events
  • October Hike- Please sign up at October Hike Sign Up Sheet!!!! There are possibilities of getting requirements signed off so check out your scout books and make sure to read my emails for more information!
  • Orienteering- SIC Nick Greco is in need of older scouts to come to this event to help lead and sign off younger scouts.
  • Cyber Chit: SIC Spencer Lee plans to do the Cyber Chit during one of the Troop Meetings @ St. Therese. Most everybody should participate in this event.
  • Future Summer Camp Options- AIC Mr. Altamirano provided us with 4 super cool options of Summer Camp 2017 including two located in California, one in Denver, Colorado, and one in Seattle, Washington. To express your excitement for one of the individual camps, please ask your patrol leader or SPL Miguel so you can take part in choosing where we go next year.
Have a good weekend!
Ethan Lee


Hey-O Troop!

So attached are the pictures of a copy of the Court of Honor’s flier (only the events and awards because there were too many merit badges) . Good Job to everyone that earned a Merit Badge, Award, and / or rank, and keep it up guys! A big thanks to Mr. Altamirano for hosting, Miguel for co-hosting, and Daniel for providing a nice slideshow of all the pictures over the last 3 months.
  • Make sure to sign up for Popcorn Sales!
  • If you are going to Rocket Camp, make sure you have everything you need and read the emails sent out by the SIC and AIC!
  • Check out my other email for more information about the October Hike!
Note: If you weren’t able to make it to the COH, make sure to see Mrs. Seki to claim your Merit Badges, Awards, and / or rank patches / certificates.
Ethan Lee


Aloha Troop!

Attendance is attached. See my separate email for more information on that.
  • Beginning Ceremonies- I’d like you to know that at 6:40 the only scouts that were there were me and 2 other guys. Seriously. Every single person that plans on attending the meeting should be there at 6:35 (especially for the COH next week!). Otherwise, the later we start the meeting the later we get to home, and nobody wants that. If you understand, please respond back to me “I will do my best to be at future meetings by 6:35”
  • Patrol Responsibilities Sheet- Skills Instructions (and other responsibilities) are coming B-A-C-K! Begin to start knowing what you’re patrol is doing, and if you don’t ask your patrol leader.
  • Popcorn Selling Practice- Patrols worked together to form a little skit to practice selling popcorn for the future.
  • Rank Corners- Make use of this time! Get signed off or sign others off!
  • Astronomy Camp- Sumit Gupta is in charge of this event from October 1st – October 2nd. For more information or to sign up please email him at
  • Orienteering Course- SIC Nick Greco is in charge of this event on November 6th. We need more older scouts to help out in this event. Please come if you need the 1st class requirements. Email him for more information or to sign up at
  • Rocket Camp- SIC Andy Nelson is in charge of this event. For more information or to sign up please email him at
  • Mataguay Backpacking Trip– SIC Daniel Widhof is in charge of this event on October 8/9. Only 8 spots are left open so sign up as soon as you can! For more information or to sign up please email him at
  • Future Backpacking Trips– Backpacking Guru Mr. Rodi is in need of some trusty SICs for these future events to get ready for Philmont. If interested please email him at
  • Communication! Is very important, right?
  • Emerald Bay Summer Camp Patches- If you went biking, snorkeling, or paddleboarding, see to Mr. A to make sure you get your patch!
  • Personal Fitness Merit Badge- See to Mr. Snodgrass for anything you might need
Did you find the 1 thing I asked you to do? Respond to me and you will earn some yummy treats! 
Questions, comments, concerns? Reply to me with anything you might need!
Ethan Lee


Hi Troop!

Attendance is attached. Please note that I am going to start making the patrol leaders (or a trusted patrol member) to take attendance for me. Get ready guys for the responsibility of keeping track of your members (if you haven’t already 😉
  • Opening Ceremonies– Please be prepared next time, for all you Flags Greeters and Setup patrols. It is an important responsibility that you must live up to.
  • Troop Feast Preparation– Tomorrow is the ultimate… the amazing… the incredible… TROOOPPP FEAAASST! SIC is Liam Riley, and AIC is Mr. Lau. Please see Liam’s previous emails for more information. We spent most of the meeting preparing for this event. If you understand, please reply to me your secret recipes so my patrol can win the Troop Feast. Haha just kidding. Please reply to me “My patrol is prepared for the Troop Feast.”
  • Scoutmaster Minute– Communication is super important! Be wary of different meeting places in the future!
  • Cleanup- Everybody should help out!
  • Other Stuff- I encourage all scouts to see what they can do to rank up or if they have other scouting business with people to meet after the meeting. Please use the meeting time as productive as possible (so you don’t have to do it at home or later hahaha 🙂
  • Backpacking– SIC of this event is Daniel Widhof. This is a really really important event for the Philmont dudes, so please come! Email Daniel or watch your email for more information at
  • October Hike @ Rancho Penasquitos- SIC is Yours Truly. Please sign up or for more details at
  • Emerald Bay Silver Peak Hike Awards-  Mr. Rodi was in charge of this really early morning hike and awarded the brave scouts a really cool patch!
  • Mataguay Summer Camp Job– Older scouts check out this cool flier with more information!
  • Physical Fitness Merit Badge- The merit badge counselor in our Troop is Mr. Snodgrass.
  • Emerald Bay Summer Camp Awards- Kayaking, Biking, and Snorkeling patches can be redeemed if you be honest and put your names on the ones you participated in.
  • Class As & Skills Instructions- Coming soon are the responsibilities of Skills Instructions! Make sure to wear your Class As to meetings, too!
  • Donut Sales– This weekend, the 2 shifts are the Blue Angels and Boss patrols, respectively to the shifts, Be responsible!
  • Popcorn Sales– It’s coming so be ready! Put on a smile and sell the Scouting experience to people! Mr. Kolb is in charge of this entire fundraiser. If you understand, please respond to me “I am going to sell the most popcorn and raise funds for the amazing Boy Scout experience!” 
Did you find all 2 of the secret orders I asked you to do? Reply to me (only the scribe email please) for a chance to get some yummy treats!
Questions, Comments, Concerns? Please tell me! Especially if I didn’t mark you down for Attendance!
Ethan Lee


Hey-O Troop!

Been a while since ya seen me, or any of each other for that matter because of no Troop Meeting Last week. Anyways Attendance is attached. PLC members- remember to come to these meetings as they are really important.
Topics– discussed and the conclusion to them
  • Uniforms- Summer is OVER!!! (bye bye sweet sweet summer sleep…) And you know what that means… School! And you know what that means… Uniforms! From now on, Class A’s are required for every single troop meeting!!!!! You MUST wear uniforms! MUST! If you understand, please reply back to me “I am a Class A scout.”
  • Summer Camp 2017- Possible choices include Camp Parsons, Camp Sequoya, and Camp Chris-Dobins! Located in Washington (state), Northern California, and Washington (state) respectively, choosing wisely is key. Make sure to think about what they offer, the types of merit badges, activities, and the cost of it. Start thinking now to plan for the future of our summer!
  • Troop 765 Merit Badge Day– After a successful first outing, the PLC wants to do this event twice a year.
  • Website Re-do– Between this Friday Night to Sunday Morning, the Webmaster Spencer Lee is going to make our website even better! (so it won’t be up for people to look at) PLC members should send Spencer an email on information about their position and their goals for Leadership credit.
  • Reading Merit Badge- Get a blue card and a book and talk to Mr. Taylor.
  • Schedule- After the Troop Feast, Skills Instructions and the Rotation will be coming back! So be prepared!
Announcements- Details of future events
  • Donut Sales- A10 and Boss are responsible for September Donut Sales. See to your patrol leader for details. Patrol leaders be responsible and take charge to make sure that your people come!
  • Breakfast @ St. Therese– On September 4th Troop Families are invited to come and eat some yummy breakfast. The proceeds will go to a Wheel Chair foundation. Also there will be one hosted by us in Februrary.
  • September Hike @ Torrey Pines– SIC is Ryan Clairemont. The date is going to be this weekend, September 3rd. To sign up or for more details, please email him at
  • October Hike @ Rancho Penasquitos- SIC is Yours Truly. The date is October 8th. Please sign up at I will send out more information later in an email.
  • Troop Feast– SIC Jeffrey Taylor is going to host this annual event on September 10th. BE READY! Watch your emails for more information.
  • BEACH PARTTYYY!!! This Saturday, August 3rd, right after the nice warm-up hike, this party will be started! Starting at 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM, come one, come all! This is NOT an official scouting event. Bring your families, your bathing suits, your frisbees, your joy etc. and just come on in for some fun at Torrey Pines Beach. If you understand, please respond to me “I will (or will not, depending on if you have something else) attend this AWESOME beach party. If I have proof of this message, Ethan will give me VIP status!”
  • Cyber Chit 22nd of October- Webmaster Spencer Lee is planning this event to get everybody in our troop aware of the dangers of the internet.
  • Rocket Camp– October 1-2 is going to be held by SIC Sumit and Andrew. Mark your calendars.
  • CPR / First Aid Class- On October 15, this event will be coordinated by SIC Owen Riley. Mark your calendars.
  • Tootsie Roll Drive– October 22 – October 23
Did you find all 2 of my secret orders? Read my emails and you could be in for a real treat!
Questions, comments, concerns? Please tell me so I can do my job as best as I can!
Thanks for reading!
Ethan Lee


Hello Troop,

Here was this week’s notes! Make sure to try to come to the meetings while we still have the Summer Games! And be prepared for the Summer Games! All that good stuff. Also school is starting soon. Bleh I know… I already started!… But anyways stay responsible!
Attendance is attached. Please make sure I marked you down correctly.
  • Setup- We had the Eagle Presentation by Mr. Chodorow for Star Scouts and above, so we started a little late, but that’s okay! Thanks to Mr. Chodorow for putting it on and filling us older scouts with crucial information on the Road to Eagle.
  • Game: Blind Man’s Knot by Hydra– Scouts that were blindfolded had to guess the knot tied by feeling it in their hands.  And the results…. In 3rd Place A10! 2nd Place Dwageenz! And 1st Place… DA! WOOHOO! Good job everybody! Make sure to practice them knots and always remember them!
  • Rank Corners: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS TIME! Star and Life Scouts- if you are not working on becoming the next rank, you better be helping the younger scouts to rank up. You better! Help the younguns! It will make you feel amazing and powerful and experienced and awesome! And younger scouts! You have one job: to help yourself and learn more about the scouting world and take further steps into your journey! Don’t be afraid to approach an older scout to get help. Either way, if you understand, please respond to me “I am going to do my best during Rank Corners!!!”
  • Scoutmaster Minute: An inspiring story about Mr. Lee’s tennis game and his love of the number 3. Remember to change your perspective and stay positive!
  • Bad Scouts Get No Candy- So don’t be bad! Make sure you respond to my emails, respectfully claim your prize, throw away the trash and don’t touch my stuff! If you understand, please respond to me “Bad scouts get no candy”
  • Movie Making Merit Badge- SIC Matthew Dysart is organizing a day to get this merit badge! To sign up please see his previous emails for information and the sign up Google Sheet.
  • Merit Badge Day- This Saturday, August 20th, from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM! Eagle Merit Badges, Cool Merit Badges, All sorts of merit badges to be taught! You can only take 2, and lunch will be served. See Mr. Taylor for blue cards if you need them.
  • Popcorn Sales! Yeah! It’s coming, so be excited! Don’t see it as a chore, see it as funds for getting all them goodies like better equipment, funner events, Hawaii Summer Camps! Sell SCOUTING, not popcorn! Go out to your communities and share with the world the experience of Boy Scouting!
Did you catch all 2 of the things I asked you to respond to me with? 
Questions, comments, concerns? #askethananythingandhemaybeabletohelpyou Spread the word!
Ethan Lee


Hello Troop!

Attendance is attached as usual. Please make sure you are marked for being there. If you aren’t, that would totally be a shame. I apologize for the tardiness of this email, and will guarantee those that respond to me correctly with a treat!
  • Setup– Please make sure you try to come to the meeting place by 6:35 so more people can help setup. Also make sure to be there so that way we don’t start the meeting late, like we have been lately. If we do start late, that means we’ll be going home later, which NOBODY wants… so….
  • Flags, Opening Ceremonies
  • Summer Games: Popsicle Stick Lashing Bridge by A10– This fun-filled challenge was a challenge for most, but Dwageenz (1st Place), Boss (2nd Place), and DA (3rd Place) prevailed! Although it might have been a challenge to tie the tiny lashings, many found other ways to successfully do it!
  • Rank Corners– I’m proud to say most scouts productively used their time and got signed off on several requirements in order to rank up! Make sure you take advantage of this time!
  • Scoutmaster Minute- Community service is happening right now in Troop 765! Eagle Projects, Merit Badge Days, Community Service for other organizations… Participate more and more! Also Mr. Dennis Chodorow is going to come back soon to present The Road to Eagle for all Star scouts and above.  
  • Service Project– SIC Juan Cardenas is planning this event. Email him for more information!
  • Merit Badge Day- August 20th @ St. Therese from 11-4. There are a lot of cool merit badges to choose from, including Eagle Merit Badges! Be sure to come to this event! (Lunch is provided!)

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to email me with anything you might need!

Ethan Lee
If you made it all the way down to this email, please reply to me back code- “Ethan is going to bring his patrol flag to the next meeting, and my patrol will bring my patrol flag as well!


Hello Troop!

Here’s this week’s scribe notes! Attendance is attached, as always 🙂
  • Flags, Outdoor Code- Make sure you know when your patrol is responsible for Setup, Flags, or Greeter. Be responsible!
  • Camp Emerald Bay Recap– This summer camp was A LOT OF FUN! I encourage any scout to go to every summer camp they can because it is such an experience! Hope everybody who went had as much fun as I did!
  • Troop Feast Preparement- The Troop Feast is coming! The yearly event that marks the end of the Summer Games is the ultimate finale that your patrol does not want to lose! Talk with your patrol as soon as you can to devise something so tasty, so yummy, so creative and so easily cooked!!!!
  • Sharks and Minnows- Dangerous Wildlife Edition– This crazy fun game was hosted by DA inside due to the fact that Temple Beth Am is reconstructing it’s little patio outside. Minnows that got tagged by sharks had to answer questions about Dangerous Wildlife to get back in the game!
  • STAR / LIFE SCOUTS ATTENTION! Eagle scout Harmon is going to set up an Eagle-Project for all you Star and Life Scouts out there. Watch your inbox, boys and don’t forget to choose a project ASAP!
  • Merit Badge Day- Don’t miss out on the chance to get a lot of merit badges! This event will be hosted at St. Therese on August 20th.
  • SMARTIES!!!!!!! Make sure you guys respond to my emails for a chance to win some delicious treats that will improve your mind and make you more intelligent… But make sure to eat them off Temple Beth Am premises! If you understand, please reply to me the Outdoor Code.
  • Blue Sky Reserve Hike- SIC Eric Chang is working hard to organize this event that takes place tomorrow! See his emails on how to sign up, what to bring, and more details!
Did you catch all 1 of the things I asked you to reply to? You can only find my clues by reading through ALL of my email! 
Questions, comments, concerns, feel free to email me back with anything you might need!
Ethan Lee
Master Scribe


Saaahhhhh Troop!

So if you went to Emerald Bay, you might recall me saying “Sahhh, dude!” All the time and, ya’know, being like a surfer dude. Yeah that was fun… ANYWAY here are this week’s PLC notes. Attendance is attached. Make sure that if you are in the PLC, that you try to come or have a representative come in your favor so you can give your input on all the things discussed and future events.
Topics– discussed and the conclusion to them
  • Merit Badge Book Website– Librarian Chris C. is working on making a new website using Librinka- see link here:   (probably spelled it wrong but it sounds like lah-bree-nkuh)
  • Updated Troop Calendar– Thanks to Webmaster Spencer Lee, you can now check it out. Yay 🙂
  • Troop Projector– The PLC has decided that we would like a troop projector. The projector would be nice to use during meetings with Skills Instructions, Games, presentations, and other announcements. So, Harmon has volunteered to work with the Quartermaster of Meetings Michael Taylor on the task to try and find a fitting projector for our troop and a plan for it. Happy hunting!
  • Position Emails– You probably realized this isn’t my usual email. Well, if you didn’t, then I should let you know that this is now the Scribe email for Troop 765. Webmaster Spencer Lee is trying to make sure everyone in the PLC has their own email for their position, so it kind of separates their personal from their “work” And when you’re no longer that position you pass it down… generation after generation. Isn’t that just legendary? So yeah you’ll probably see emails from names like mine in the future.
  • Being SIC for Events- If you are in the PLC, remember when you signed up to patron all the events the PLC made in a year’s advance? Yeah, for you guys out there, you don’t have to go to the event. Again, you don’t have to go to the event. However, you ARE responsible for making sure if you aren’t, someone else does. No matter what, by your responsibility, the event must be seen through.
  • Family Night- Taking one meeting out of the regular calendar and doing something fun! The PLC has chosen! Once a PLC term, we will have family night! Miguel is in charge; some possible events include Beach, Park, Dinner Fundraiser, Dave & Busters, etc. If you understand, please reply back to me which one of these (or come up with your own!) that you would most likely want to attend.
  • Community Service Project @ Helen Woodward– Sean Cooney is trying to plan this. Approved by PLC.
  • Patrol Leaders Sheet– Patrol Leaders! It is important that if you haven’t already that you fill in your patrol’s information on the Patrol’s document.
  • Toy Chest! So I mean I brought this up at the meeting. We could possibly have a Game-Master type position where they are in charge of different types of games the Troop can play. We can buy troop-footballs, soccer balls, and frisbees that will stay in the trailer and stuff. The Game-Master can bring and make up new games that we could play. I offered up the game of Spikeball, which seems pretty cool (you can look it up).
Announcements– future events being planned
  • August Donut Sales– DA is first shift and Hydra is second shift. If you are in one of these patrols make sure you contact your patrol leader saying whether you can make it to one of these or not. Be responsible! For more information on what to do ask your patrol leader. Patrols need to contact Mr. Taylor with a roster.
  • Merit Badge Day– The planned date is August 20th, pending on the location of St. Therese… for the merit badges of Emergency Preparedness and Personal Management taught by Mr. Taylor. More parents are signing up to teach merit badges for this event so stay tuned for all kinds of different merit badges! If you are a parent it is encouraged that you can try to teach a merit badge for this event.
  • Troop Feast- The annual Troop Feast is planned for September 10th. Everybody better get ready for the astronomic event that is the end of the Summer Games! If you understand, please respond to me that “my patrol is going to cook (insert example meal discussed with your patrol here).” So yeah, make sure that your patrol is ready. I suggest meeting up beforehand outside the meetings and cook and taste and play video games and whatever…
  • Rocket Camp- Sumit / Andrew K. are SIC for this fun campout. AIC is Mr. Kearse. The date is October 1st. Mark your calendars!
  • Blue Sky Reserve Hike– August 6th. SIC is Eric Chang and his advisor Edwin L. It is located in Poway, and is a new area that we can start hiking in. Be sure to try and come!
  • Fiesta Island Campout– SIC Ben Young and Jeffrey Taylor is going to reschedule this campout to somewhere in the Spring.
Did you catch all 2 of the things I asked you to respond back to me with? I mean, it shouldn’t be THAT hard…
Alright, that’s it! Thank you, thank you, thank you very much and goodnight Carmel Valley! Don’t send me personal fanmail to my other email. Don’t worry I’ll be here every Tuesday at 6:45 PM!
Happy Summer!
Ethan Lee


Hi Troop 765,

So me and Gabe gotta leave tomorrow for Summer Camp (yay!) and I gotta send out these scribe notes today, so here goes:
Attendance is attached, as always. Please see to it that I didn’t miss you on the list, as I might have if you came during the middle of the meeting.
  • Summer Camp Troop Yells– Me, Gabe, and Harmon led a voting for the best troop yell in the troop. See IMPORTANT results in Summer Camp Stuff
  • Summer Game: Freeze Tag With Knots by Blue Angels– Might I say this was a very creative and fun-filled game where everybody could run around with tons of energy and enthusiasm! Good job Blue Angels! Please make sure you know when your patrol does it’s next Summer Game. For more information on summer games, please email our SPL at
  • Attention All Life Scouts! Eagle Scout Harmon Jones is welcoming you all to learn the ropes of how to start (and finish) your Eagle Project! We will do an Eagle Project together going step by step after Summer Camp! More information on this to come…
  • Scribe Notes Rewards- So, as said during the meeting, I want to improve digital communication within the troop by (at certain, mysterious times) rewarding the people who correctly respond to my scribe notes emails. If you respond you could earn some real delicious smarties! But IMPORTANT- when the meetings are at Temple Beth Am you are NOT allowed to eat on the premises. If I catch you then I won’t give it to you next time!
  • Scoutmaster’s Minute– Play Pokemon Go? (Well me too! Please respond to me with your team name IF you play. If not, then you don’t have to respond) Anyways the scoutmaster’s minute reminds everybody to be responsible while playing, be aware of your surroundings, and of the 5 4 3 2 1 method of self discipline. Do the things you have to do so you can do the things you want to do.
Summer Camp Stuff
  • Important Information Said During the Meeting– Be on time! Make sure to bring a breakfast for the first day! Lunch will be provided! Take motion sickness medicine if you need it the night before! If you take it last minute we cannot guarantee a nice boat trip for you!
  • Other Important Information– Lists, Rules, What to Bring, the Schedule: You can find by looking at the Troop Blog or by emailing AIC Mr. A at 
  • Troop Yells– The votes are in! Our ranking of Troop Yells is as follows: #1 We Got This, #2 Compass, #3 Camping, #4 Sports, and #5 Mickey Mouse! Please see the attached document of our Troop Yells and try your best to familiarize yourself with the top 3 yells. If you understand, please reply back the lyrics of the We Got This Yell. I hope you guys can be very enthusiastic and energetic when we say these yells so we can impress everybody else at Camp. If you understand, please reply back in the most energetic and enthusiastic way possible.
  • A Word From Your Author– So! Guys most of you know me a little bit. I’m Ethan Lee, and as Co-SIC of this Summer Camp I KNOW we are gonna have a great time. If you guys ever need anything at all, don’t hesitate to talk to me or Gabe or Harmon. Our experience and amazingness is unmatched! Are you as excited as I am? I sure hope so! Anyway some other tips you might want to know for summer camp… a nifty little list I jotted down a while back, and continue to add on to this day. See attached document.
Next Week There is No Planned Troop Meeting
I believe Miguel is trying to set up an official Troop outing, such as a pool party, movie or sports event, so if you aren’t attending summer camp and are interested you can contact him. Also no scribe notes!
Have a great week everybody!
See you at Emerald Bay summer campers!


Hello Troop!

Attendance is attached. So I was hoping that I could rely on the patrol leaders to take attendance for me via the very handy sheet I made, but unfortunately with the majority of the meeting being the Summer Games, I have to take the responsibility on myself. But outside of Summer you Patrol Leader’s will definitely take attendance! I’ll make sure of it 🙂 buahahaha
  • Opening Ceremonies– Just some reminders- please remember to not walk in during the flags ceremony. If you are a Color Guard, you do not have to salute while holding / following the flag. After the meeting ends, the Flags patrol must remember to clean them up and put it away.
  • Patrol Yells- 4 of our 6 patrols had their yell ready to present to the troop. If you are not one of them have it ready for next week! Here they are- (Hydra) “Hail Hydra!”       (Boss) “Boss!”        (DA) “Expecto Patrolnum!” -get it? get it?        (Blue Angels) “Blue Angels! Flying High! Blue Angels! Troop 765!”
  • Summer Game: Ultimate Frisby– Dwageenz hosted a fun event of Ultimate Frisby. In 1st place was Hydra, 2nd place was Blue Angels, and 3rd was DA (but we shoulda won). Please remember to plan out your game completely and tell Miguel the deets of it. Make it a fun, timely Boy-Scout related game. If you understand, please email me back saying “My patrol will host (insert summer game name here) on (insert date here)” so I know you guys are ready 🙂  Details of who is doing the Summer Games next Below.
  • Scoutmaster Minute- A reflection on 2 week’s ago’s 5 4 3 2 1 bit. It’s easier than it looks and shows proven results! Try it out sometime. If you understand, please email me back “#timetodosomethingwithmylife
  • Rockin’ Jump– Sean Cooney has stepped up to become the SIC of this event! Don’t miss out on a giant bouncy house (well, not exactly, but you’ll see 🙂 with your friends! It’s tomorrow, Saturday July 9th from 10 am-12 pm! Email Sean to sign up NOW at
  •  Be an SIC– As a pretty experienced scout myself, I’ve seen a lot of scouts come and go through the ages. What really separates one from another is how much they care. How much each scout cares to make a difference, help other people, and work on his own to the finale of Eagle. If you are a 1st Class or Above scout, I would say it is a MUST that you sign up for at least 1 event. It could be a campout, a fun activity, or even just one of the monthly hikes. Email our SPL for more information. We need you guys.
  • Summer Camp– See our amazing AIC’s (Mr. A) emails on updates on bag information, merit badges, what to pack and more! I strongly suggest everyone going starts packing now! Get all your gear, buy your new gear, and prepare yourself… Also if you guys didn’t know, me and Gabe will be your guys’ Co-SICs. Yeah, that’s right. We are in charge! (buahahaha) Anyway it’s also really important we think of a yell. Please read the attachment and tell me what you think by emailing me back “I like this one (insert Yell here) the best” and/or anything else you have in mind. People who respond to this one may get something more! 
  • Donut Sales– Okay I checked the Troop Responsibilities Website, and it is INCORRECT. During the meeting, it was said that DA & DWAGEENZ is in charge (DA first shift, Dwageenz 2nd). If you are in one of these 2 patrols, please go if you can. It is very important we have another successful donut sales. Also, whoever is doing it has to buy the donuts individually, because Mr. A will be unavailable. Email Mr. Taylor at with any questions
  • Scribe Notes Announcement– Sorry for messing up here guys. ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION IS RIGHT HERE. VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU LIKE SMARTIES (THE CANDY). So to be clear (ahem) I get to choose when I give you guys candy. It could be this week (wink wink) or it could be next week or it could be a month from now. You don’t know. Which is why you must respond to me EVERY TIME. Or else, you could not have responded one week when I would reward everybody else that responded to me. Get it? Any questions email me.
Next Week’s Responsibilities
See attached sheet for more details.
Greeter                 Hydra
Setup                    A10
Flags                    Boss
Game                   Blue Angels
Cleanup               Dwageenz
Okay. I hope you read through this email thoroughly. Look forward to some Smarties this next meeting as long as your responded to the 3 things I asked of you.
Ethan Lee


Hello Troop,

Attendance is attached. Please remember that if you are a PLC member, you must attend every PLC meeting or find a suitable replacement to tell you what is going on. I will try to make sure all of the information discussed gets out, but you should still be there to provide your input. If you understand, please respond “PLC meetings are important”.
Events– As this was a PLC meeting, we discussed and concluded the various topics below.
  • SIC– During this PLC we had every single PLC member sign up for at least 2 events on the calendar, that was created by the Patrol Leaders beforehand. If you did not attend the PLC and are a member of it, signing up to be in charge of at least 2 events is critical. You don’t necessarily have to be the SIC, but you must take responsibility for finding a replacement SIC. You can plan it yourself in your own way, so don’t be afraid to sign up for something you are interested in.
  • Summer Games– Every single patrol will have to host at least 2 Summer Games. Make sure your entire patrol is ready and knows what to do. Make sure you know when your patrol offered to sign up and has to host it. Make sure someone in your patrol (probably the PL) sends out an email to Miguel beforehand stating the setting of the game. ALSO PLEASE do your best to make the game Boy Scout related! If you have a game that includes Boy Scout information they might not know, ask the Troop beforehand in an email to study up certain pages in the book. The more they know, the more they will benefit in the game. If you understand, please respond “I will be a good Summer Gamer”.
  • Member Responsibilities– Patrol leaders and members, I STRONGLY encourage all of you to think about making Aid-type positions for each of the people in your patrol. Give them a sense of responsibility that they use to grow up and be a leader, by becoming a Outdoor Ethic Guide Aid (see below), or a Mini-Scribe! Or a Mini-Quartermaster! Or a Mini-Grubmaster! I’ll leave it up to you, Patrol Leaders. If you understand, please respond with “I want to be a Mini-(Insert a position you are interested in here)!”
  • Business Emails– Webmaster Spencer Lee suggests everyone with a position make an email with the format of For example- Now, I know I would send out an email using that email and not my personal one now, but once you are all set up and in the google groups you can contact anyone you need to! If you’re a younger scout you could email for help advancing in rank! We plan on doing this in the future so for more information contact Spencer at . The webmaster will probably later put these emails on the website. 
  • It’s time to Work- Summer is not just all about games and playing around, people. Summer is a period free of school; we can take up new opportunities and work to better the Troop and other people even more! For example, the 2 quartermasters of events want to re-style our entire camping gear. The 2 grubmasters want to create an example cookbook for good meals people can cook on campouts. The 2 webmasters are working hard to update the website! Please keep all of this in consideration.
  • T-Shirt Design– We talked little of this in the PLC, but I got the design we voted for a couple of months ago to the SPL and the ASPLs. They will work to place the order with the parents and I will keep you updated with more information in the future. If you want to see the future design of our Class B shirts, please look at the attachment Luke Hornsten drew!
Announcements– As this was a PLC meeting, we discussed and concluded the various future events below.
  • Student Stress Release Workshohp– Miguel’s older sister kindly presented us an important opportunity to keep the SSR Workshop alive. We need older scouts to sign up to be in charge of the program to help younger kids deal with stress and other areas of life. At least 2 leaders would be very appreciated to organize events and help other people. You could also get community service hours.
  • Orienteering Course– Nick Greco plans to host an orienteering course on November 5th. Mark your calendars.
  • Fiesta Island– We decided to replan the date of this campout due to the fact that it was too close to another campout. The SIC (Ben Young) will find another date.
  • Summer Games Responsibilities– PLEASE READ SO YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR PATROL IS TO DO THE SUMMER GAMES. Next week is Dwageenz. The week after that is Blue Angels. The week after that is A10. The week after that is DA. After that we will go in the same order as last time- so Hydra, Boss, Dwageenz, BA, A10, DA. Also, the (A)SPLs will make a Google Sheets record of the summer games, ranking of points, and the future responsibilities. Stay in tuned to this document.
  • Hikes– We plan to have a hike the first Saturday of every month. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 5 miles or a mountain or a beach, but if you are in charge you get to decide who (by selling the event so people want to come), what (type of hike it is), where, and when! Be a leader!
  • Outdoor Ethics New Group– Please see Gabe A’s recent email about this. To learn more about becoming an Outdoor Ethics Guide Aid please email him at
  • 1st Class Citizenship Requirement– On July 12, before the regular meeting, Mr. Cooney will host a 30 minute session where you can get signed off on this requirement! Max Meinert is in charge.
  • Video Skills Instructions– As part of Adam Salem’s Eagle Project, he needs Older Scouts to help participate in making videos of skills instructions, where if you need help doing one or want the information you can look at them forever! Older scouts please help Adam by emailing him at
  • Troop Feast– It’s coming up! September 10, and your patrol better be prepared for this year’s end of Summer Games Finale! We gonna cook off, so practice making your yummy meals! (Anybody seen Cutthroat Kitchen? Look it up 🙂
  • Del Mar Flag Raising– Congrats to everyone that went! A hearty thank you to SIC Gabe A. that organized it very well! Was a madly fun day at the fair! <- get that? HA!
Okay, in this email I have asked you to respond to me with 3 different things. I am very proud of all of you that have ever (and hopefully, continue to) respond to me with the things I asked of you. To show this, I want to start a Smarties Reward System. It was my bad that I forgot to mention this at the PLC (so I could get reimbursed for all that $) because I bought a 5 Pound Bag of Smarties (about 300 of them) so we could reward scouts in any way we wanted with a pretty much non-messy, tasty, candy that improves your smartness. So, keep your eye out. I’m looking to reward the good guys. Be a good guy!


‘Ello Troop!

So first of all, I would like to talk about what happened even before the meeting had started! Well, because there was actually an event going on at our planned meeting site of Temple Beth Am, we had to quickly switch to Ashley Falls. So in the heat of the moment, our guys directed traffic to Ashley Falls and we continued to start the meeting (just a little bit late, however), stomping through an obstacle with our amazing communication and thinking abilities. Good job, guys.
Okay, anyway…
Attendance – IMPORTANT! Following this last meeting I have decided that I want the Patrol Leaders to take attendance for me! Buahahaha less work for me! *Clear throat* Ahem -But seriously as a good leader it is important to distribute the work and not do it all by yourself. Even though, I mean, of course I could do all the work… Patrol Leaders next meeting I will hand around a sheet that is exclusively for you (added bonus there eh?) with instructions for you to take attendance. I hope this method will be efficient and can work, and so I’m counting on you patrol leaders. 🙂
  • Flags, Outdoor Code, Chaplain’s Aide- So! I am proud to announce that Outdoor Ethics Guide Gabe A. had smartly asked me to fill in to say the Outdoor Code, since he knew he was not going to be there. Good job Gabe! And hopefully in the future all of you guys with positions yatta yatta yatta I said this before you should know what to do… Anyway please memorize it! It’s really not that hard and is as important as our Scout Oath and Law and such. By the way, if you guys know the Outdoor Code (which you should), please… enlighten me! Reply back with what it is (yes, even if you have to look it up 😛 but then you be a lmao) and you could be in for a tasty treat!
  • Patrol Corners- Patrols stepped up for a date to organize a Summer Games. Ask your patrol leader when it is, what you are going to do, and make sure that everything is ready for a fun boy-scout related game!
  • Summer Games– At the last minute, the Boss Patrol organized a Capture the Neckerchief! Teams squared off on the field of Ashley Falls and raced at the buzzer! Although teams were slightly unclear, and the game wasn’t completely organized, everybody had fun 🙂 I mean, I know I sure did!
  • Cleanup- None today at Ashley Falls! Although remember Chaplain’s Aide, then Flags!
  • 5 Mile Hike– See SIC Ryan Clairemont’s emails for permission slips, details, and what to bring. Email
  • Younger Scouts Need to Rank Up? Nick Greco is our Troop’s Guide. Talk to him for help. Email
  • Adam Salem’s Eagle Project- Thanks to all that went! Was fun and helped one of our own scouts on his way to Eagle!
  • Philmont- WOWZA! Already 18 scouts and 10 adults have signed up already! YEAH! We got 2 full crews and even more that want to go! If you are interested and will turn 14 in 2 years then by all means please talk to Backpacking Guru Mr. Rodi, so we might have 3 whole available crews! In addition to that if you are already signed up please attend (and organize, too!) all of the hikes you can. During the upcoming 5 Mile Hike on Saturday you can practice wearing a bacpack and using water survival.  Email
  • Del Mar Fair Flag Raising Parking Passes- Get them now! Talk to SIC Gabe A. or AIC Mr. Blume for the bargain value $150 for free! Email
  • Summer Camp Tent Buddies– Choose ’em wise, choose the ideal tent-mate, choose ’em quick, choose ’em before it’s too late! (A sad attempt on a rhyme), Please email Mrs. Altamarino you and your tent buddy’s name! Email
  • Summer Games Planning Info- Patrol Leaders must have materials ready before the meeting and contact Miguel with the details of the game. Please do your best to be creative with the game and keep it boy-scout related! Email with your plans
Alright, gotta go get off my butt now… 5 4 3 2 1 BOOM! If you understood that, which you should if you attended this meeting, email me the details of it. 
Any questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to email me! But also don’t miss out on the chance for goodies. Find the instructions hidden inside my long email (sorry bout that) and reply back to me!
It’s hot outside! But still, gotta ❤ SD 😎


Hello Troop,

Attendance is attached. I advise patrol leaders to take a look at the sheet to see how their patrol is doing in terms of attendance. If you have any questions ask me.
Events (what happened during the meeting)
  • Flags, Outdoor Code, Chaplain’s AideSince we didn’t get the meeting started on time, we had to start it without chairs or tables. Even though it’s summer, we should still focus and not forget all of our responsibilities. I think everybody should get to the meeting place at 6:35 at the latest, so we can get the meeting started on time. If you understand this, please respond with “I will do my best to be at the meeting by 6:35”. One more thing- if you are the Patrol leader for the patrol that is in charge of flags or Outdoor Ethics Guide or Chaplain’s Aide, and you know you won’t be able to make the meeting, please make sure to find someone trustworthy (loyal, helpful, friendly yatta yatta yatta) to cover for your position. If you are one of the positions above, please respond to me “I have a person in mind if I am unable to attend a meeting.” (and think of someone too)
  • Game by Hydra– We played a fun game of Gaga (if you don’t know what Gaga is look it up, but remember to put in “Gaga Game” otherwise it will just show the popular singer Lady Gaga) , in which Esteban was rightfully crowned champion. The Hydra patrol organized the game well, encouraging patrol spirit, fun, and the art of crouching like a monkey and defending your legs from the ball with your hands.
  • Patrol Corners- Each patrol was led by their patrol leader in discussing the topics of future summer games they would be in charge of, fun patrol outings / meetings, and getting to know their potatos. If you understand that joke, just laugh at it. If not, wait till you are on the PLC.
  • Cleanup– Remember to stack the right amount of chairs and that no trash is left on the ground.
Announcements (information on future events)
  • Adam Salem’s Eagle Project- Support one of our own scouts that is on his way to Eagle! Please sign up by emailing him @ saying you want to go. Sign the permission slip that is attached in his emails and be prepared by bringing a hat, sunscreen and work gloves. The work days are on the 20th and 21st of June from 10 AM to 3 PM.
  • 5 Mile Hike- SIC Ryan Clairemont has been working hard to organize this important event for getting some requirements signed off. Sign up and see other details in his emails.
  • Del Mar Flag Raising- SIC Gabe A. has thoughtfully decided that anyone that wants to sign up last minute can do so if they do it right now! See his emails for the link to sign up, but the fun event is on July 1st from 9:30 AM to 12 PM at the Del Mar Fairgrounds! See you there!
  • Summer Camp Tent Buddies– Summer camp is right around the corner and you want to ask your friend to be your tent buddy now! YOU will decide your fate, and another scout’s, on whether it will be an enjoyable 7 nights, or not… Don don don….
  • Donut Sales- A big thanks to Max Meinert, who organized the month of June’s donut sales and sold a whopping 13 dozen donuts! Make sure your patrol has attendees, and buy more donuts if needed so you don’t run out! July’s donut duties are 1st Shift Boss and 2nd Shift A10. Don’t forget your responsibility and keep on selling!
  • IMPORTANT PARENTS READ- Hello parents. With all of the events going on in our Troop a number of scouts are trying to rank up. They need YOUR HELP to stay at future meetings to be on their board of reviews and leadership reviews. Help these scouts by staying through Troop meetings and helping Ms. Seki with these reviews.
  • Summer!!!!!– You can wear class Bs now! Yay! Make sure to have a Scout-Related Shirt, Scout Pants, and closed-toe shoes. Everything else is up to you! Also, the summer games. If you have an idea, get ready to present the troop with your game as each patrol will have to organize a game.
  • My Announcement– I’ll do this every meeting to congratulate the people that responded to my email. And every once in a while I’ll throw in some treats… 🙂
Next Week’s Responsibilities
  • Greeter Duty-                                  BOSS
  • Setup Duty-                                     DWAGEENZ
  • Flag Duty-                                       DA
  • Summer Games on Plants–           BLUE ANGELS
  • A Pass (no responsibility)-              HYDRA
  • Cleanup Duty-                                 A10
Thank you to all of the SICs and scouts and parents that have worked to help run events and meetings and other stuff. I hope to see you on Tuesday!


Hello Troop,

Make sure to wear Class A’s on Tuesday. 
Attendance is attached.
  • Flags
  • Skills instruction by A10 on Broken Bones
  • Game by Boss on Identifying Meals
  • Patrol Corners on future Skills Instructions, Games, events, patrol meetings, and communication. At the end of every patrol corners the Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leaders come up and say what they worked on during Patrol Corners.
  • Sorry my email is late… the CCA Grad-night Help was today. SIC was Dwayne. More information on it was in his past emails.
  • Summer Camp- Start asking other scouts (preferably ones you like) to be your tent buddy! Unfortunately, guys, I’m taken ;P. Your tent buddy doesn’t have to be in your patrol, and choose wisely, for he will be your buddy for 7 whole days!
  • Philmont– Over the next 2 years, we are going on a series of hikes in preparation for Philmont. Sign up now! Parents and scouts interested should talk to the Backpacking Guru Mr. Rodi. He has more information on this once-in-a-lifetime event. I’m going, so even more incentive to come! If you have any ideas for a possible hiking trip, please tell someone in the PLC or Mr. Rodi! More information to come.
  • Adam Salem’s Eagle Project- Support one of our own scouts that is on his way to Eagle! Adam Salem is doing his Eagle Project on June 20 and June 21st! Please come and help him working with soil and planting. There is more information in his emails.
  • Del Mar Fair Flag Raising- SIC Gabe A. and Will V. You can still sign up! The date for this event is Friday, July 1. See more information in Gabe’s emails.
  • Finally… My little spiel- I recognized those who responded to me in my last email. I had many responses and some good thoughts. Thanks, guys! 🙂        Keep it up!
Next Week’s Responsibilities (Correct this time):
  • Greeter Duty-                                  DWAGEENZ
  • Setup Duty-                                     DA
  • Flag Duty-                                       BLUE ANGELS
  • Skills Instruction on Flags–             HYDRA
  • Game on Broken Bones–              A10
  • Cleanup Duty-                                BOSS
Everybody should know what to do, and if not, look to your patrol leader. Hope we have a fun game!
ALRIGHT! IMPORTANT- For those cool enough to read all the way through my email, I’ll let you in on (somewhat) of a secret- You can actually wear Class Bs on Tuesday. Most of us got out of school (yay!) so we’re into summertime. And for those of you that read your emails, this is your reward. If you understand this, please respond to me “I got this.” and/or anything else you have to say. 
Thank you for your time, Hope ya’ll have a pleasant day. I apologize if I missed anything, so please tell me.


Hello Troop,

If you didn’t hear my announcement during the last meeting, here goes…
Sometimes in one of my emails you will see an instruction. Could be at the beginning, or at the end, or even hidden in the middle of my email. Scouts that fulfill this instruction (usually replying back to me) have a chance at getting a reward. If less than 10 scouts email me before the next meeting, they are the top tier of the Troop and I will give them an amazing gift! (probably candy). If more than 10 scouts email me, my job is done and you guys have been reading your emails! But reply back anyway, because that’s what a good scout does.
Okay, first instruction: If you are reading this, in your reply to me please describe why you must eat said candy OFF the premises of Temple Beth Am when we have the meeting there. Oh, and another thing. There may be multiple instructions. If you don’t get them all you might not your prize. Anyways… to get onto my notes:
IMPORTANT: Attendance is attached so you don’t have to scroll down through all of the names. I have organized the Attendance sheet in a way of manner where you can see the total amount of people that attended in each patrol. In the past we have discussed Honor Patrols and this is one way to keep track of a patrol’s good attendance. At the next PLC meeting I shall also try to get some sort of reward for a patrol’s good attendance. In your response to me also add in if you would like a reward for good attendance of a patrol. 
  • For the majority of the meeting we did Patrol Corners on the topics of the Summer Games, Patrol Responsibilities (Scroll down for next week’s responsibilities), Patrol Communication, and other Future Events.
  • Del Mar Flag Raising- SIC Gabe A. See his previous emails for more information. Sorry if you wanted to sign up, Signups closed June 1st. Tough toenails, buddy- you must be so “mad”. Event is on July 1st. Free admission to the annual Summer Fair – “Mad About The Fair”. Cool event! See you there!
  • Philmont- Over the next 2 years, we are going on a series of hikes in preparation for Philmont. Sign up now! Parents and scouts interested should talk to the Backpacking Guru Mr. Rodi. He has more information on this once-in-a-lifetime event. I’m going, so even more incentive to come!
  • Summer Games- Start thinking about it now, because it’s right around the corner! We shall be starting this soon. If you want more information email me. Remember that each patrol will be hosting at least 1 of these during the Summer, so be prepared to organize a fun Boy Scout related competition!
Next Week’s Responsibilities
This section is pretty important, so if you got all the way down here, good job! Points for you 🙂  But just to be clear not Brownie Points or anything, it was simply a compliment. Sorry 🙁
  • Setup Duty-                                     BOSS
  • Greeter Duty-                                  BLUE ANGELS
  • Flag Duty-                                       HYDRA
  • Skills Instruction on Broken Bones-A10
  • Game on-                                        BOSS
  • Cleanup Duty-                                 HYDRA
As always you are expected to complete your job well. Everybody should pull their own weight. In your response add #Pullyourownweight
Thanks for reading!
Hope you got what you needed!
Have a good weekend and good luck to all of those on the Mataguay Shooting Campout! Even though those participating can’t read this…
Ethan Lee
If I missed anything please tell me so I can be better! Apologies if I did.


Hello Troop!

I, Ethan Lee, am your new scribe for the next 6 months! As scribe, my job is to send emails out to the troop after every meeting each week, so people can see what they missed or what events are coming up. Bare with me, as sometimes the notes are quite lengthy but important. I will try keep you guys awake with my attempts at comedy and my enthusiasm.
If you have any questions regarding the notes I take, including attendance, events, or things that happened during the meeting, please feel free to contact me.
And without further ado, my notes on this first meeting of the new PLC group.
(Attendance is attached so you don’t have to scroll down so much. Also, for PLC members, it is important that you come to every PLC meeting to discuss how we are running the troop and what to do in the future. If you are a patrol leader and you know you cannot make one, please tell your assistant patrol leader to fill in for you to tell you what you missed.)
Events of the meeting:
The PLC discussed the following events and made the following conclusions. In a regular meeting this would be what we did during the meeting.
  • Camp Mataguay Shooting Merit Badges Campout – It is from June 2-4. Since it is coming up soon, we need to quickly plan this event to make it happen. If not enough people are interested, we will open up the opportunity for other troops to join in. For more info see AIC Mr. Meinert’s emails. Don’t miss this fun event!
  • 5 Mile Hike– To avoid conflict with the event above, Andrew Kang is going to reschedule this hike for another time. So, please take advantage of the event above, as otherwise it will be another missed chance to do some exciting things.
  • CCA- event needs volunteers for cleanup of senior’s Grad Night. Unfortunately, I do not have much information on this. If anybody else does, please email the troop or me about it.
  • Philmont- Duh Duh Daaaahhh! I am 110% certain, and absolutely truly know that if you ask anybody that has gone to Philmont, that it meant billions to them. It’s an experience of a lifetime, seriously. More details on what it is to come (so stay tuned), but get interested now. Over the next 2 years, Backpacking Guru Mr. Rodi (thank him for all of the backpacking opportunities), will be leading some boys that will be over the age of 14 on many different hikes in preparation for the big event. Older scouts can help train some of these scouts. It is the ultimate camping, hiking, backpacking experience.
  • The Hydra Patrol is 1st Shift for June Donut Duties. The Blue Angels patrol is 2nd Shift for June Donut Duties. Patrol leaders need to get their members signed up now. Let’s whip (cream, haha) these scouts into shape soon and sell some donuts and help our sponsor!
  • Memorial Weekend Flag Placements– see the many emails the good Scout In Charge Juan C. has sent out. Please remember it’s not how many flags you place. It’s honoring each and every one of the men and women who bravely fought for our country. It’s honoring their sacrifice for the lives we have today.
In this section of a regular meeting I will write down the information of upcoming events, but since it was a PLC meeting, in this section I will write about general things to help run our troop.
  • Patrol leaders- please, always talk to the members of your patrol about upcoming events. It is a good way for more people to understand how all these events are coordinated by people who work really hard for other people to enjoy.
  • We should always have a Scout In Charge and his chosen assistant for any given event. You don’t always have to be an older scout to do it. If you need help you can always ask. It is a good thing to do and gives you a sense of responsibility and helps you grow to be a good leader. Patrol leaders, especially, should partake in doing this.
  • Servant leadership. What is servant leadership? If one of you scouts happen to know it and are all the way down here in my email, respond back to me what the meaning of it is. I want to see how many of you go above and beyond to stay updated within the troop. Maybe there’s a lil something in it for you, too. 🙂
  • June 13th is the first day of Summer! WOOOHOOO! Who else is excited? I know all of you are, because it’s the first day we don’t have to wear class A! Yeah, that’s right! Starting on that day, you MUST WEAR CLASS B: which does require a scout-shirt and any type of pants, but no open toed shoes. PLC members, you know what we talked about right? Patrol leaders know what they’re supposed to do? If not email me and I’ll remind you. It’s a secret…
  • Guess what else Summer means? The annual Troop 765 SUMMMERR GAMESS!!!! It’s right around the corner, and during the PLC we talked about all the different terrifying, scary, awful suffer games we have for you… buahahaha… Nope! Just kidding, the Summer Games is a Troop competition between patrols involving fun, Boy Scout related games every week during each meeting. Things like team-based CTF, an obstacle course, a triathlon! Dumbledore’s Army is the patrol to organize the 1st round of the Summer Games, the date of which TBD. If you have any ideas whatsoever, please: Tell your patrol leader to bring it up at the PLC! You… could be the one… to change the entire destiny… of the Troop for a whole hour in the summer!
  • The PLC Meetings during November and December will be moved to the 2nd Tuesday. Otherwise, the PLC would have gone without having met for a long time.
  • For those that were once patrol leaders, I believe Mr. Taylor had given you each a Patrol Leaders Handbook. Something like this is very useful, and it would be great for it to be a thing passed down from generation to generation. Make it the treasured Skywalker’s Lightsaber. I truly do apologize if you haven’t yet seen the new Star Wars Movie, but seriously- don’t lose a Lightsaber. Please give it to the new patrol leaders and help them with anything they might need to become a better leader.
  • Honor Patrols- We will be starting to have these soon. Patrols are very important, ya know. Patrols that participate and coordinate events, have high attendance and advancement will be awarded this. It’s easy to start and easy to do. Who will be an Honor Patrol?
Yours In Scouting,
Ethan Lee
Have a nice day!


Anyone interested in taking the CPR/1st Aid class on Sat. Jun 28th from noon to 4:00

please let me know, we need a minimum of 20 attendees. Scouts, this is part of the

1st Aid merit badge. Adults, we need a CPR trained parent for every troop outing,

the more the merrier! Everyone, this class is great basic knowledge that I hope you

will never need but is good to have in your back pocket.





On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 10:39 AM, Ethan Lee <> wrote:

Hello again, everybody-


Scouts in attendance:

(I will do my best to spell the names right and add last name initial when needed)



Bennett           Amal           Maxim          Raphael

Thompson      Rory            Albert                 &

Spencer          Nikhil          Nathaniel     (of course)

Alex C.            Eric             Brandon           Me!

Cole                 Nick G.       Estibon

Colin                Nick V.        Dashiel

Andrew            Aiden          Evan

Alan                 Gabe A.      Nathan

Michael T.       Daniel W.    Edward

Jeffrey T.        Ben              Chris




We did Patrol Corners and discussed the Summer Games (coordinated by Cole C. and Harmon J.)  Patrols brainstormed different competitions scout-related.


The next meeting is the first Summer Game contest!  Also, you will be able to wear your Class B.




Scout FairMeet at Ashley Falls at 8:00 am on the 22nd (Sunday)


Only a few more people need to turn in their permission slips, you should know who you are!


CPR Class– See Gabe A. or his dad for more info


Meet at St. Therese of Carmel on the 26th for CPR training.  This helps with your First Aid Merit Badge and we need more certified parents!  We need more than 20 people to be able to run the event.


Congrats to Spencer Lee for winning the pre-Summer Games Gaga competition!  I can’t believe I got out for not listening to the rules… You snooze, you lose!  Thanks to the Scoutmaster for the Minute about not losing things.  All of us should remember “I’m a Little Tea Pot”… just in case…



Please email me if you have any questions!

Your Scribe,


Ethan lee


Here are the notes and attendance from the recent troop meeting. Remember that next week is troop elections and to give Ethan any designs you have for the troop shirt. Also, tell me if you were incorrectly marked absent for any troop meetings. Please respond and have a great week!

  • Flags

  • Rank Quarters

  • Troop Positions Explained by current PLC members

  • Skills Instruction (Dwaggeenz: Time Management)

  • Game (DA: Simon Says) (Tie between multiple people)

  • Announcements

Troop Elections are next week.
Summer Camp meeting on May 19 an hour before the troop meeting.
AIC needed for backpacking trip. (Dwayne)
RSVP (respond) to emails.
Doughnut sales every second Sunday of the month. (May – 1st Shift: Dwaggeenz 2nd Shift: DA)
Give Ethan your Troop Shirt Designs

  • Patrol Corners

  • SM: Lead others by making the people you lead do better jobs.

Nikhil Jain


Here are the notes and attendance for April’s PLC Meeting. This was the last PLC meeting for this term and the new PLC members will be elected during the Troop Election, which is planned to be done on May 10. If you want a leadership position for the next term, turn in you forms (forms for requesting a leadership position) at the May 3 troop meeting. Please reply and have a great week!

  • Court of Honor in three weeks.

  • Troop Elections will be in two weeks.

  • Troop Elections form should be turned in at the next meeting.

  • Patrol leaders should train assistants to be the next patrol leader.

  • OA Meeting: OA Representatives should go.

  • Fort Rosecrans May 28 (SIC: Miguel ASIC: Jeffery)

  • San Diego County Fair Flag Raising on June 26 (SIC: Gabriel)

  • Upcoming responsibilities for the next meetings (including skills instructions) will be on the Responsibility Sheet. (Ethan)

  • May 27-29: Building Houses (Mr. Lao)

  • Make sure activities are planned enough time in advance.

  • Wings of Freedom this Weekend (Community Service Hours – Supporting Veterans) (Tyler)

  • Donations to Ecuador Relief on Saturday, 7 AM to 5 PM (April 30) (Tyler and Evan L.) (Mr. Lee)

  • Personal Management May 7 at Juan’s House

  • Swimming Merit Badge this Sunday

  • May Donut Sales (1st Shift: Dwaggeenz 2nd Shift: DA) (2nd Sunday of the Month)

  • Things PLC did good this term: Organization, Being timely, Making sure people wear their uniforms.

  • Things PLC needs to improve on: Scouts listening to patrol leaders, scouts acting more mature and responsible.

  • Ideas to help younger scouts: Being slightly more strict with them, occupying them with activities, three strike system, parents mentoring new scouts.

  • Scouts need to be more serious about planning and performing events.

  • PLC can assist you with patrol events.

  • Give you knowledge to others so they can spread it (purpose of skills instruction).

  • Plan well for your skills instruction.

  • Unit Backpacking (SIC: Dwayne): Planned to happen around the end of May.

  • Shirt Designs (Ethan) (Deadline: Two weeks): Propose ideas for our troop shirt design.

  • This PLC should attend the next PLC to help with planning.

Nikhil Jain


  • Flags
  • Skills Instruction (DA: Communications)
  • Game (Blue Angels: Knots Relay Race)
  • Patrol Corners (Plan an Event and Next Skills Instruction)
  • Dwaggeenz: Time Management and Teamwork Discussions
  • DA: Skills Instruction on How to Escape from Animals Planning
  • Blue Angels: Mystery Merit Badge Day and Plants Skills Instruction Planning
  • A10: Broken Bones Skills Instruction Planning
  • Boss: Cooking and Miramar Speedway Outing Planning
  • Hydra: Planning Skills Instruction
  • Announcements:
  • Physical Fitness Requirement coming soon for both first and second tests (Evan Levine)
  • PLC and Parent Meeting Next Week at Ashley Falls
  • Flag Raising at San Diego County Fair on July 1 (Sign Up)
  • Camporee this Weekend (Permission Slips and Money need to be turned in)
  • Scoutmaster’s Minute: Doing a good deed always feels great.
  • Cleanup/Flags


  • Flags
  • Patrol Corners
  • Dwaggeenz: Planned Skills Instruction and Camporee Preparation
  • A10: Importance of Camporee, emails, and Scout Fair
  • Boss: Go Karting and Scout Fair
  • Blue Angels: Skills Instruction Preparation
  • Hydra: Patrol Event and Game for Skills Instruction
  • DA: Skills Instruction, Patrol Outing, and Game
  • Skills Instruction (Blue Angels: Knots)
  • Game (Hydra: Food Pyramid) Winner: Blue Angels
  • Announcements:
  • Help for Scout Fair on Saturday (Jeffery and Estaban)
  • Serving Chili Cheese Fries at Scout Fair
  • Camporee from 4/23-4/25 (Theme: Saving the world) (Ethan)
  • 5 mile hike being planned
  • Make sure you tell Dwayne what backpack you brought in from the backpacking trip.
  • Win a pair of headphones in the game next meeting by the Blue Angels.
  • New Scout Introductions
  • Unit Backpacking Share Out
  • Congratulations to DA for bringing 100 cans for the Food Bank! (You get pizza at Ashley Falls from 6 to 6:15 on 4/19 before this week’s meeting!)
  • Sign up for the Swimming Merit Badge (Tentative Date: 4/30)
  • Sell Scout Books (You are responsible for bringing back either the scout books, money, or a combination of both adding up to $50)
  • Scoutmaster’s Minute: Care for others, stay positive, and respect others (CPR).
  • Cleanup/Flags


  • Flags
  • OA Elections (Results next week)
  • Backpacking Trip Discussion
  • Skills Instruction (Hydra: Balanced Meals)
  • Game (A10: Jeopardy on Burns)
  • Announcements:
  • Swimming Merit Badge and Requirements: Sign up with Emanuele
  • Food Bank Next Week
  • Take home flyers that you get during the meetings.
  • Scout Fair Coming Up: Sell Coupon Books
  • Chili Cheese Fries will be cooked during the Scout Fair and Merit Badges will be available at the Scout Fair.
  • Backpacking Trip: Get a Sleeping Bag and Mess Kit (Mr. Rody, Evan Levine, Dwayne)
  • Sign up for the upcoming Camporee
  • Scoutmaster’s Minute: Always be respectful: Admire everyone for who they are
  • Cleanup/Flags


  • Responsibilities
  • A10: Game
  • Boss: Cleanup
  • Hydra: Skills Instruction
  • DA: Setup
  • Dwaggeenz: Greeters
  • Blue Angels: Flags
  • 4/9/16: Mataguay Scout Ranch Backpacking Trip
  • Dwayne will send email
  • Basics for backpacking and overnight camp
  • Tents, backpack, stove, mess kits
  • Next one is in may 14-15
  • SIC: Evan Levine
  • Leave at 6:00 am on 4/9
  • Scout Fair
  • Jeffrey: SIC
  • Jose Lau: ASIC
  • Chili cheese fries will be made.
  • BSA apparel things
  • New design
  • Making beanies, shirts, and sweaters (vote)
  • Patrol Leader reminders
  • Great Job
  • Google group for patrols
  • Camporee 4/22-4/24
  • AIC: Mr. Meinert SIC: Ethan Lee
  • Older Scouts: Leaders
  • Looking for pioneering planners


  • Flags
  • New Scout Patrol Separation
  • Patrol Corners: Outing We Liked or Want to See
  • Blue Angels: Rowboating
  • A10: Mataguay Shooting Sports Day
  • DA: Sky High
  • Dwaggeenz: Community Service and In and Out
  • Boss: Go Karting
  • Hydra: Movie
  • Skills Instruction (Meetings)
  • Totin Chip Signing
  • Camp Balboa Share-Out
  • Announcements:
  • Scouting for Food is going on during meetings.
  • Always put up your scout sign when someone else does.
  • Librarian (Liam) has lots of merit badge and reading books.
  • Swimming Merit Badge (including some rank requirements) (Emanuele)
  • Thank you to the people at the Cemetery Cleanup
  • April 9-10: Unit Backpacking (Mr. Rody)
  • Lot of stuff in the Lost and Found (Mr. Taylor)
  • Scoutmaster’s Minute: When opportunity knocks, take it and be prepared for it. When opportunity doesn’t come to you, make your own opportunities.
  • Cleanup/Flags


  • Flags
  • Balboa Planning
  • Rain Skills Instruction (Brandon, Miguel, Spencer)
  • Balboa Schedule Review (Bring Scout Books)
  • More Balboa Planning
  • Announcements:
  • Cemetery Cleanup this Weekend 8 AM – 12 PM (Gabriel)
  • Summer Camp Mandatory Meeting Before Next Meeting from 6 – 6:30 (Choosing your merit badges (ocean merit badges recommended))
  • Scout Shirts available on Friday for Balboa
  • IRLS Training for Parents
  • Citizenship in the Community available if enough people join up
  • Bring a Watch to Balboa
  • No Scoutmaster’s Minute
  • Cleanup/Flags


  • Flags
  • New Scout Introductions
  • Balboa Planning
  • Leaders
  • Positions
  • Meals
  • Announcements
  • Balboa on March 11-13: $25 (Money and Permission Slips due Tues.) (Sign up online) (Brandon)
  • First Aid/CPR Class: March 19 (Ashley Falls) ($45) (Sean)
  • Scouting for Food: Starting Next Week during the Meeting (Juan)
  • Help Clean up the Cemetery at St. Therese on 3/12
  • Donut Sales are canceled due to being on the weekend on Balboa, but can be done if enough people come.
  • Mataguay Summer Camp (Mr. Meinart)
  • Pacific Coast Ramona Camporee: April 22-24 (Mr. Meinart)
  • Care Packages are being sent the Rescuers by Max Meinart (If any contributions, contact Mr. Meinart)
  • Quartermasters for Balboa need to clean and organize their patrol box utensils for HW.
  • No Scoutmaster’s Minute
  • Cleanup/Flags


  • Ideas from Last Meeting:
  • Lottery: Mr. Altamirano has materials and Amal is in Charge, Attendance and Uniforms are getting better, tickets are given to people who come on time, prizes are given only at the end of the term (idea), summer games could be used to obtain tickets.
  • Jobs:
  • Patrol leaders need to tell scouts not to come in during flags. (They will be let in after Chaplain’s Aid.)
  • Patrol leaders need to get contact info of their scouts. (HW)
  • Patrol leaders need to get members involved in skills instructions.
  • Parents need to let their scouts read the emails.
  • If things are written down, there is no doubt about what it is.
  • Upcoming Events:
  • Community Serve Day (Trevor): 28-31 scouts attending.
  • Competition for New Shirt Design: Reward is a free shirt and sweatshirt with your design.
  • CPR/First Aid Training (Sean): Location being found.
  • Scouting for Food (Juan): Collecting Bags will be passed out next meeting.
  • Camp Balboa (Brandon): Campsites booked, Team Members being recruited, cooking to be similar to troop feast, meal planning needed as soon as possible, new utensils will be brought, scouts will be taught how to use new utensils, cooking utensils need to be organized correctly in patrol boxes.
  • Pioneering Projects: Build things to help us during campouts, need to practice lahing, skills instruction for cooking and pioneering at Balboa.
  • Patrol Outing on Tues. meeting after Balboa.


  • Flags
  • Friends of Scouting: Awards for the Troop and Fundraising
  • Merit Badge Presentations
  • Rank Advancement
  • Mr. Altamirano given awards for his scouting service.
  • Announcements:
  • Feb. 28: Community Serve Day (Trevor)
  • First Aid/CPR Training in March (Sean)
  • Joshua Tree (Albert): Turn in check for camp.
  • Camp Balboa in March (Brandon)
  • Joshua Tree: Help with Trailer
  • Feb. 28: ACM Meeting
  • PLC/Parent Meeting Next Week
  • Slideshow (Historian Nick Volpe)
  • Flags/Cleanup


  • Flags
  • Webelos Scout Introductions
  • Patrol Corners (Outings and Skills Instructions)
  • Joshua Tree Meal Planning (During Patrol Corners)
  • Game (Boss) (Cold Weather Preparedness Jeopardy) Winner: A10
  • Skills Instruction (A10) (Burns)
  • Announcements
  • Community Serve Day on Feb. 28 (Mrs. Clarke and Trevor Ewing)
  • April 22: Camporee (Ethan and Anthony are scouts in charge)
  • Liam is the Librarian: Contact him for merit badge books.
  • Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award (Online) and Conservation Good Turn Award (Community Work) (Bulletin Board) (Mr. Taylor)
  • Carpooling needed for Joshua Tree (Mr. Altamirano) (Albert Hwang)
  • Scouting for Food (March and April) (Mrs. Lee) (Juan) (Bring cans during the meetings)
  • Making Homes in Mexico on Memorial Day Weekend (Mr. Lau) (Passports Needed)
  • Camping Book Donated to the Library by Mr. Altamirano
  • Mr. Altamirano needs you to sign your name in for Joshua Tree (A 2nd sign-in sheet for people who already signed up)
  • 2nd payment for Summer Camp Coming Up (Mr. Altamirano will be collecting it)
  • Congratulations to everyone who helped out at Scout Sunday
  • Thank you for everyone who helped out at the Pancake Breakfast
  • Scoutmaster’s Minute: Camp Balboa is a good experience for young scouts and try your best to do a good turn daily.
  • Cleanup/Flags


  • Schedule Ideas:
  • Bring back lottery. (Amal in charge)
  • Start meeting at 6:45 regardless of who is present.
  • Play the game from the skills instruction from the week before before doing that week’s skills instruction.
  • Don’t walk into the meeting while flags are going on. It is disrespectful.
  • Possibly cancel a meeting so that every patrol can have their patrol outing on that day at that time.
  • Other Ideas
  • Make sure that patrol leaders get the contact info of all of their scouts.
  • Announcements
  • Sewing day will be coordinated by the parents.
  • Donut sales: Feb. 14 (1st shift: DA 2nd shift: Dwaggeenz)
  • Make sure you forward your emails to your patrol also to Mr. Lee so he knows that the patrols are doing something.
  • Greeters must know that new scouts do not get their neckerchief until they reach the rank of scout.
  • New requirements are being made so patrol leaders should learn those new skills.
  • Feb. 28: Balboa Cleanup (SIC is needed)
  • Staff is needed for the upcoming camporee.
  • NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) will take place this summer.
  • Order of the Arrow elections must take place before the bridging of new scouts. (It is not a popularity contest)
  • Feb. 7: St. Therese Scout Sunday: Help wanted for the pancake breakfast (Dwayne and Mr. Altamirano)
  • Feb. 19-21: Joshua Tree Camp (Mr. Altamirano)
  • Take responsibility for the things you do: It will make you do better.
  • Assist a scout trying to do something on their own even if they say they have control.
  • Your patrol’s main goals can change around from time to time.
  • Personal Management Merit Badge 1/30/16 (Juan)
  • Responsibilities
  • Greeter: Blue Angels
  • Setup: Hydra
  • Flags: A10
  • Skills Instruction: Boss
  • Game: Dwaggeenz


  • Flags
  • Patrol Corners (Plan evens about patrol topic and/or skills instruction.):
  • Hydra: Joshua Tree Campout (patrol topic: camping)
  • DA: Communications (Skills Instruction)
  • A10: Jim will send out an email about the skills instruction.
  • Boss: Phone caddy (patrol topic: service)
  • Dwaggeenz: Homeless Shelter La Posada
  • Blue Angels: Knots that nobody knows (skills instruction) Fingerprinting and Pulp and Paper Merit Badge Day + Environmental Science and Oceanography Merit Badge Day (Max’s Mom)
  • Skills Instruction: Boss (Cold Weather Preparedness)
  • Game: Dwaggeenz (Safety Afloat Skills Relay) (Winner: Blue Angels)
  • Announcements:
  • Scout Sunday this Sunday (9:00 AM Feb. 7) (Altar Servers Wanted)
  • Pancake Breakfast on Scout Sunday after the Church
  • Joshua Tree Feb. 19-21 (Mr. Altamirano) (Albert Hwang)
  • Make sure your patrol is engaging the audience in its skills instructions.
  • Recycled sweatshirts are with Mr. Taylor.
  • Sewing Day next week
  • Scoutmaster’s Minute (Mr. Altamirano): Your neckerchief represents the Scout Oath.
  • Cleanup/Flags


Scribe Notes:

  • Flags
  • Patrol Corners (Skills Instructions; Patrol Outings)
  • Boss: Cold Weather Preparedness; Go Karting
  • Blue Angels: Knots that no one knows how to tie yet; Sky High
  • Hydra: Meal Planning; Deciding
  • A10: First Aid; In and Out and Movie (Zootopia)
  • Dwaggeenz: First Class Requirement 9A; Go Karting
  • DA: Communications; Deciding
  • Rank Quarters
  • Skills Instruction: Dwaggeenz (First Class Requirement 9A)
  • Announcements
  • Speak loudly and clearly during your announcements.
  • Respond to all your emails to make sure that the sender knows you are reading them. (Respond “I read this email.” to this email so I know you read the notes.)
  • Feb. 8 is Scout Sunday so on Feb. 7, you can celebrate it at your place of worship. (Arrange with Mr. Sur or Mr. Altamirano.)
  • Sign up with Juan to help Pack 720 with one of their activities.
  • Juan and Mr. Chodorow will be holding the Personal Management merit badge.
  • Sea World is letting scouts in Class A uniforms in for free during the month of January.
  • The Carmel Valley 5K is an opportunity of service hours. (Ms. Seki)
  • Scoutmaster’s Minute: Making little goals can eventually lead to making good habits.
  • Cleanup/Flags




Troop Activities :

Hydra Patrol hosted a scrabble – like game for the troop about things to bring when going camping.

The Boss Patrol did a fitness skills instruction to the troop then did a mini inter patrol relay games based on fitness.

At Patrol Corners, the patrols reviewed their goals and the older scouts signed off younger scouts requirements.


Snow Camp has been canceled due to the lack of snow in the mountains.

Scout Fair – AIC is Mr. Clarke. No information otherwise.

3 new Tenderfoot Scouts  – Sathya, Liam, and Andrew K. Congratulations.

2 new Second Class scouts – Christopher and Eric C. Congratulations.

3 new First Class Scouts – Nicholas G., Daniel W., and Jeffrey T. Congratulations.

Come Build Hope brief announcement.

Camp Cuyamaca – SIC Gabriel A. February 27-29? $25 per per scout.

USD Sunday February 14 1:00 SIC Daniel W.

Trailer cleaning – February 13th or 15th 

Have a good day.

Albert, Troop Scribe


Troop Announcements

~ Upcoming dates… Click Me!
~ New photo sharing site
~ Schedule Changes – We will be having Patrol Meetings during the last 15 minutes of every regular meeting to eliminate half an hour of goofing off every patrol meeting
~ Camp Balboa – New scouts will be included so it must be up to standards.


~ Remember the START, STOP, and CONTINUE method – What should we start doing, what should we stop doing, and what should we continue doing during events that we are in charge of.
~ Discussed leadership position goals – Goals for the troop are to have fun and communicate better


Maxim Bennett Adam Miguel Geon-Woo Alex Joaquin Collin Gabe Spencer Brendan Harmon Edward Nicholas Edwin

Special Thanks to: Aragon and my mom! Scribe Notes 1/14/14

– 5 new scouts from Pack 720.

– about 30 scouts in our troop attendance today.

– Skills instruction of orienteering skills of navigating, maps 2 types, paces/

strides, compasses followed by a game of treasure hunt finding the North

Star to start the hunt .

– Revisited the resolutions with a winner of a Jamba Juice gift card –

winner was #309366 – must be present to win- and he was Rory!

– Cole announce his eagle project is starting February 1-2, 8 and 9 9am –


– Shirts tucked in from now on from mr c. and read the mags from scouts


– Mr. C will do heritage and personal mgmt sign ups – 6 PM next week


– 2/28 – IOLS training overnight for parents

– Camp Balboa 3/28 wknd for new scouts. :O

– Not getting new e mails- see Mrs. Lee

– Cooking Badge sign up with mr Clark

– Summer Camp is sign up now, price is $450, deposit $100, checks go

to Dr. Harmon

– Service Credit and helping out on eagle projects 2/15 Les Tern Habitat

SiC is Aragon and AiC Dr. Harmon

– Jim announced Food Bank event 9-11:30 this Saturday with carpool at

Ashley falls 8:30 meet time

– CoH on 2/11/14 Finish those blue cards and conferences, yo!

– Scoutmaster minute: Listening for team to perform just like Chargers

timeout….out of time for Simon says…

Attendance (Those who signed sheet)!

Aragon Edwin Thompson Cole Alex C. Rory Colin

Quin Something Gabe Edward Brandon Harmon

Evan Ben Junmin Nate Spencer Miguel Jim

Connor Maxim

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Scribe Notes!

Xmas Caroling Feedback 🙂

– I liked making old people happy – Gabe!

– I liked happy people – Miguel!

– I liked the hat – Alex!

– It was fun – Nicholas!

– I liked ruling over my peasants – Cole!







– Basketball Game is coming up :O !

– Food Bank – Jan 18 – SIC’s are Jim and Rory!

– Lake Arrowhead Summer camp – Circle X – July 26 – by Feb have a $100 deposit!

– We are doing a New Years Resolution Contest and an electronic copy will be coming

as soon as I receive it.

Scribe Notes 8/6/13

Hi troop 765 here are the scribe notes. The next Court of honor is coming up soon (see notes).
Merit badge day is the 20th
Print the merit badge worksheets for the merit badge you are going to do (Physical fitness, Communications or Scouting Heritage)
Court of honor is September 10th
Going to plan the troop feast next meeting.

Scribe Notes 7/30

 Hi troop 765, this is Maxim Kim. Those who went to Oljato had a great time! Where your Camp Oljato shirts to the next meeting!
Gave patrol reports
Historian should contact my dad for more pictures from camp
Where camp t shirts to next meeting
6th-Troop meeting
    Review Oljato
    Play Gaga
13th-Patrol meeting
    plan patrol activity
20th-Merit badge day
    Scouting Heritage – Mr C. is counselor
    Communications – Mrs. Lee is counselor
    Physical Fitness – Mrs. Gearing is counselor

Scribe notes 7/16/13Hi troop 765! Here are the scribe notes!
(Thank you Miguel for taking notes for me)Attendance
ThompsonNotesBefore meeting we picked up trash(including some pretty interesting trash)
Got new troop class b’s
Exploding squirrels gave skills instruction on proper care of stoves
Assigned sic’s for events
Played Gaga (Miguel, Aragon, and Chris won)Summer camp on Sunday!
So pack and get ready to have the wors-I mean…BEST time ever!

Scribe Notes 7/9/13

Hello troop 765! This is Maxim, and I will be on vacation in Texas next week andneed someone to help take notes for me at the next meeting. (Scribe for the day!)  All you would have to do is write down what goes on in the meeting along with attendance and email it to me. Then I’ll take the information and turn it into scribe notes. Or you can do the wholescribe notes by yourself 🙂  It’s okay if you don’t know everyone’s name. You can just pass around a piece of paper and ask people to write their name.
Gnarly Gnarwhals- Discussed patrol ideas and worked on patrol flag
Exp. Squirrels- Planned skills instruction on how to use and clean a camp stove
Silv. Wolves- Planned meals for Troop Feast (8/25)
Sur. Camels- Planned Patrol Activities and meal for troop feast (8/25)
The troop deep sea fishing trip will be on 8/5
Troop Feast will be 8/25
Each patrol plans a meal to cook for judges.
(Surfing Camels won last year. Aren’t they amazing?)
Troop t-shirts coming next 
Next meeting come at 5:30 for trash pickup.
Bring work gloves

Scribe notes 7/2/13 General Meeting
Happy 4th of July weekend


  • We are picking up trash next meeting for service hours
  • Bring work gloves unless you like picking up trash with your bare hands
  • You can wear Class B’s to meetings now or Class A if you really want to show scout spirit
  • New class B shirts and jackets will be here in two weeks
  • Shirts will be $10
  • We will be playing Ga-Ga at meeting more often during the summer 🙂

Things we did 

  • Gnarly Narwhals did a skills instruction on setting up a tent (which is something EVERY self respecting scout should know)
  • Played 2 games of Gaga (Chris won both times)
  • Assigned SIC’s for events
Be sure to check out the troop website!

Scribe notes 6/25/13
Hi troop 765! Be sure to check out the website because Connor and I will be updating it and adding things (well, mostly Connor). Plus whoever visits the website wins a free ipad! Just kidding.


  • We have many events planned but if no one signs up to be in charge for them, they will be cancelled. And we like events!
  • If you are having trouble contacting people in your patrol, call them instead of just emailing. People feel guiltier after ignoring calls than emails. Trust me.
  • You can wear Class B to meetings now. No Class C’s! (regular clothes not affiliated with BSA)
7/2 Troop Meeting
7/9 Patrol Meeting
7/11 District roundtable
7/16 Troop meeting trash pickup
7/18 OA meeting (come for cookies!)
7/21-27 Summer Camp

Scribe Notes 6/18/13
Here are the scribe notes everybody. Have a great weekend!
Be at Ashley falls by 4:00 to 4:15 am
8 hour drive
return on Saturday 6-7pm
no cell phones or electronics
$75.00 at most in plastic bag, labeled with name
Parents, put a note in bag if allowed to buy a knife (or knives!)
Welding merit badge canceled`
Kids will not have mattress, adults will
Label meds with dosage
pack 2 towels, one for swimming & one for showering
lg plastic trash bag for wet clothes
Food for bus ride only
Surfing camels put on skills instructions
(That was such a great skills instruction, I wish I was a Surfing Camel! Oh yeah… I am)
Broke up into patrols to discuss activities
San Diego Fair on Sunday

Scribe Notes Patrol meeting 6/11/13

Broke up into patrols (obviously)
Discussed skills instructions (at least for the surfing camels)
Events happening soon
Textile merit badge (see Miguel )
Chippewa Chapter meeting Thursday

6/4/13 General Meeting

Scribe Notes
Hi this is Maxim the scribe! And these are my scribe notes! Because they are my notes and I’m the scribe =D
When I pass around the notebook please write your name only. From now on I will write exactly what you wrote in the notebook next to your name. So unless you are okay with everybody seeing what you write, write nothing but your name
  • Take first aid seriously because one day someone might actually need it (like me)
  • We tied Camporee
  • Broke up into patrols to plan Troop feast meals
  • Never mind! Troop feast POSTPONED!
Event Ideas
  • Orienteering first class requirement(may be part of a hike)
  • Rock Climbing merit badge
  • Night Hike
  • Deep Sea fishing merit badge (campout)
  • Go Kart
  • La Jolla cove Beach day
  • Field day
  • Iron Mountain Hike
  • Mt. Woodson Hike
  • Whitney Hike
  • Camp Pendleton Bike
  • Shooting Sports weekend
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Snow Camp
More Notes
First of all, if you have a great idea for an event, go to the PLC.
I suppose all of you have heard about what happened at the OA ordeal.
I sliced my thumb and Danny immediately preformed first aid. From this I learned 3 things
  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Be careful with knives (real careful)
  3. And always have your first aid kit
If Danny didn’t have his first aid kit with him… I don’t want to think about it 🙁

Scribe Notes 5/28/13 (PLC)

Late Scouts the meeting starts at 6:30 by the way, just saying 😉
Discussed Patrol activity
Discussed issues with communication within patrols
Brainstormed ideas for skills instructions
Ideas for summer activities
Bike race
Rock Climbing
Mt. Woodson hike
Swim at La Jolla cove/beach day
Iron Mountain Hike
Shotgun shooting
Calendar (May be incomplete)
District Dinner this friday
OA ordeal this weekend
HALT training
Next meeting is a patrol meeting
San Diego fair flag raising 6/23
Camp Olijato
Skills Instructions ( yes we are doing skills instructions again so look over these so you know what you will be doing)
Narwhals – Packing a tent
Camels – Car Camping packing and skills
Squirrels – How to use and clean a camping stove
Wolves – how to pack a backpacking backpack for backpacking

Scribe Notes For May 21, 2013 Court of honor
Leadership positions:
SPL: Harmon
ASPL: Danny
Mentor ASPL: Josh
PL Exploding squirrels: Ryan (APL)Edwin
PL Gnarly Narwhals: Daniel (APL) Thomson
PL Silver Wolves: Ken (APL) Chris
PL Surfing Camels: Joaquin (APL) Brandon
Chaplains aide: Cole
Den Chief: Evan
Historian: Jim
LNT trainer: Geon-woo
Librarian: Gabe
Scribe: Maxim
Troop guide:Adam
QM(equipment): Ricky
2nd class:
1st class:
Palms: (bronze)