PLC/ Leadership Training 10/25

(These are just Ideas we discussed at The Leadership Meeting/ Training on 10/25, The Ideas stated here are subject to change and are not final, they are just problems we have/ improvements we can make)



Ideas Of Scouting

1) Scout Oath, Law, and Outdoor Code

2) Patrols

3) Be active in the outdoors

4) Advancement – Merit Badges, Rank Advancement, Leadership. (Encourage Young Scouts)

5) Association With Adults ( Board Of review)

6) Personal Growth (Being Independent)

7) Leadership Development (Some scouts not passing leadership reviews)

8) Uniform (Uniform Check at meetings)



Maybe Meeting of Older/Higher Rank scouts with Lower Ranks during Meetings

70% of people (approx.) in Full uniform

SMART Goals for leaders

Meaningful Skills instructions

Ask everyone (Hiding from the conversation)


Problem Areas

Communication – Give up after not getting a response, PEOPLE NEED TO REPLY BACK, or we don’t know if someone is coming or not.

Don’t be the guy that does this: (“If I don’t reply, they will know I’m not coming”)

Scribe Notes weren’t very Helpful/ Improve on that.



What We are doing Right/Wrong | What works/ Doesn’t Work

Uniform Checks/Rank Advancement needs to be addressed more often.

Patrol Corners:

Patrol Corners need to be on task. Point of Patrol Corners is to bond/ create Ideas with your patrol.

At the end get the topic of that patrols patrol corners.

Hold Patrols Accountable for Patrol Corners. What they accomplished/ Ideas

Make sure everyone understands the reason behind patrol corners. (Meeting about that)

Complaints about younger scouts looking at patrol corners as nothing but sitting around.

If we don’t know why we are doing patrol corners, there’s no point.



How we can Improve

Tell scouts whats going to be happening at the meeting beforehand so they are prepared.

Get Patrol Leaders to be respected. (more people to follow the leader, one person to say “This is the job”)

Patrol Leaders need to keep patrols in line.

|Candy for wearing Uniforms (Replace candy with something else) email/slip of paper to bring in/print every month about this (Scribes Duty)

|Raffle if people arrive on time with uniforms (?)

|Prizes for patrol that has best/most percent of people in uniforms, Tiebreaker could be items on uniforms, like neckerchiefs, Boys could do |inspections, not parents. (Full Uniform) Score Sheets to be presented to Patrols.

Full uniform means: Click Here for the Official Boy Scout/ Varsity Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet

Dont spend too much time doing one thing

Make time for everything and skills instructions.

Implement Outdoor Code. Prize for Patrol that can recite it the best until everyone knows it by heart.

Let the troop know everything that is going on (Scribe Notes)

New NewsLetter for meeting details (Online/Email)

Announce at meeting when NewsLetters will be coming so people will look for it. (Weekly Newsletter, What time, What Day)

Improve Rank Advancement

Improve Patrol Corners

How are the SICs decided? (anyone that signs up for the job)



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