Meeting of October 7th, 2014

Seeing as this is right after my other email, I’m just gonna be all boring and see how you all like it.¬† But of course, how can I when I’m just so perfectly entertaining 24/7? ¬†ūüėõ

Nathan            Spencer             Justin
Eric                  Estibon              Andrew K.
Nikhil                Ben                   Jeffrey T.
Nick G.             Juan                 Michael T.
Dashiell            Edward             Lucas
Sathya              Evan                 Maxim
Kenn                 Alden               Edwin
Liam                  Jack                 Joaquin
Geon-Woo       Daniel C.           Cole
Rory                 Andrew N.         Miguel
Ari                    Daniel W.          Conner
Sean C.           Gabe A.             Tompson
Tyler                 Albert                Colin
Alex C.            Aiden
Before the meeting, the¬†Camporee¬†meal planning was held. ¬† ¬†Scouts had to pass the uniform check, as strict as they would in the actual¬†Camporee, to enter.¬† This is very important, Scouts!¬† You must have required epaulets, jeans/scout pants, uniform with correctly placed badges, pen, and probably a¬†carabiner.¬† This competition/camp is very special.¬† As we have won the past 2 years, we can only hold the rank for one more time! ¬†“One for all.¬† All for one.”
Actual¬†Camporee- see SIC Conner Hunt’s emails for date, details and more information.
Knots skills instruction.¬† I sure hope everybody learned this, because this will be a key component in our evaluation at¬†Camporee.¬† Conner and Miguel did well, thank you.¬† From my point of view, everybody’s questions got answered, they all got to try to do it, and hopefully everybody learned something that day. ¬†“Great Thanks” to Eric, Sean, and Justin for participating in the Knots, speed competition!
How was it? Well, for one I wanted to show you, by saying “this was right after my other email” or something like that, how long it takes to send an email.¬† I had something planned out about take your time with it and stuff, or how much time people put into it for YOU, but honestly I’m rushing so I can get this out of the way.¬† Wait,¬†wha- no.¬† No, I’m not.¬† As you can see from this amazing… stuff. ;D
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