Meeting of November 4th, 2014

Dear Troop,
Before we get on to all of my funniness and the “important information” with my amusing comments that you’ll miss… It’s time to have a moment of silence for Mr. Scott Chodorow:
On November 16th, the Sunday after this one, a Celebration of Life ceremony will take place at Torrey Pines. Scouts are encouraged very much to go, full Class A, as if at camp they would burn a flag.  It’s been a very emotional time for the Chodorows, and they have our condolences.
Alrighty, then.  So… as always now attendance is an attachment. For the next scribe (as you’ll see below), I will share this document with you and you can just add x’s to the people who attended and just attach it to the email. (That  means you, Albert- please email me your google drive account)  Also, I have a special goodbye picture of me- titled “Be Prepared… Ya’ll (Indiana Jones)”.  So goodbye, after this email.  I hope you’ll miss me as much as I’ll miss this… I mean you.  You.  Of course, you.
Missing Flag Holder–  Conner figures we must’ve misplaced this at Oktoberfest.  If anybody has this somewhere stuffed in the back of their homes, please bring it to the next meeting.  And, for Camporee y’all are lucky that they found the money; you no longer have to pay $55!  Is it 55?  I don’t know.  But if you have $55, or any extra money for that matter, I’ll take it! 😀
Harmon’s Eagle Project–  This coming 4-day weekend Harmon’s Eagle Project will take place… (?) … All details to go there and times are in Harmon’s email.  All scouts who attend should bring a permission slip… for DANGEROUS STUFF heheheehehee…. Please Come.    The tools list is sent out in an email, and if anybody… ANYBODY has any of these it would be a great help to the cause.  This weekend could be busy for a lot of people, merit badge days and sports, but do come if you are free.
Mr and Mrs. Clarke–  Email Mr. Clarke to take the cooking/camping merit badge. And If you need anything sewn onto your uniforms or pants or sashes, bring it to the next meeting.
The following is a list of the patrols and their leaders, assistants:

Dumbledore’s Army –              Ethan                 Jeffrey T.   (Our yell:  Prepardium Maximusar!)

The Boss-                               Daniel W.          Aiden
Dwaggens-                             Brandon            Edward
A10 Spartans-                        Ricky                 Amal
Blue Angels-                           Edwin               Niquil
Hydra-                                    Maxim              Surya
The following is a list of positions and our new leaders:
SPL                              Kenn
ASPL                            Miguel
Scribe                           Albert
Chaplains Aide             Jack L
Leave No Trace           Alex C
         Assistants          Ben, Gabe A
Instructor                     Cole
Troop Guide                Conner
Historian                      Joaquin
Webmaster                  Jeffrey T
Den Chief                    Evan, Nick Greco
Librarian                      Sean C
Quartermaster             Nicholas V.
Scoutmaster Minute – Your vote matters!
Well… sniff sniff…. I guess this is it.  I’ll say no more… just to go out in style.