Meeting of 9/23

Well… I just now realized it’s already Thursday, so… yeah.  Don’t have any jokes on the top of my head, but I’m getting there.
Nick G.          Rory               Ari
Ricky             Dashiell          Nathaniel
Justin             Tyler              Gabe
Aiden             Andrew N       Alex C.
Evan              Blake              Conner
Geon-Woo     Andrew K       Ethan L.
Joaquin          Jeffrey T.       Ethan D.
Cole               Daniel W.       Alden
Eric                Jack               Sathya
Amal              Edward
Sean C.          Brandon
Miguel            Chris
Albert             Maxim
Michael T.      Tompson
Jim                 Juan
Geon-Woo presented a skills instruction on Leave No Trace.  I will send an email to him for a  full copy of his presentation
Patrols got together to plan meals for astronomy camp.  They learned who was going to buy it, what they were going to make, and how they were going to make it.  Patrols, remember your responsibilities and patrol members and that you are cooking for 6.
Summer Camp–  Parents give Mr. C money.  Maybe that was a little too blunt, but…   Of course it’s for your kids 😀
Popcorn Selling–  Scouts participate!  Adults love our cute pleads and asking them for our money.  Especially younger scouts!  Remember all the prizes you could win!
For a bunch of information on Astronomy Camp and Oktoberfest, see the emails sent out by SICs Daniel W. and Joaquin M.
 Philmont– See the email sent out by Mr. Martinez.  In 2 weeks there will be a Philmont introduction.
Camporee–  Take the uniform checks seriously!  We have won the competition between the local troops 2 years in a row and we will win again! … (so we can not brag it into their faces that we are better than them of course(and not that that’s not true :D) )
Okay, everybody.  Next week’s meeting is at Ashley Falls, again.  And now…

Gosh darn it… for a second there I had thought of a joke. Did it have something to do with the names or something… tsk. I dunno. Wait!!!! No I won’t be that lame guy who doesn’t say anything funny! I refuse! (POUT) :P. You might be thinking why I capitalized pout… And if you didn’t, you are now! Ha! Made ya… think! I am an evil manipulator! MUHAHAH…..! Is this getting old, ’cause I kinda feel a little lonely, ’cause I can’t laugh.

POOOFF Giggle oops, snicker. I meant I can’t hear you guys laughing through the screen, but that would be REALLY cool. Million dollar idea. And if you aren’t laughing, you are now, know why? Because I said…


Maybe, if you know where I live, you can just come over just to laugh! Ha! And anyway I’m going to put this at the bottom of the screen because it’s too long. BTW: This was originally after attendance.



“Yeah.  That’s me trademark.”  (Now adding a quote at end of every email.)