Scribe’s Notes

Scribe’s Notes are written records of what happens at each meeting.

(These are just Ideas we discussed at The Leadership Meeting/ Training on 10/25, The Ideas stated here are subject to change and are not final, they are just problems we have/ improvements we can make)     Ideas Of Scouting 1) Scout Oath, Law, and Outdoor Code 2) Patrols 3) […]

PLC/ Leadership Training 10/25

Dear Troop, Before we get on to all of my funniness and the “important information” with my amusing comments that you’ll miss… It’s time to have a moment of silence for Mr. Scott Chodorow: On November 16th, the Sunday after this one, a Celebration of Life ceremony will take place at Torrey […]

Meeting of November 4th, 2014

Is that the rest of the people who’s going to join?  Because if any more people are coming in, more people will subscribe to this group and will get to see my obviously wonderful and not at all annoying emails that definitely DO have important information on it!  (Breathe)  Okay, on with […]

Meeting of 9/2/14

We have two new scouts, Tyler & Andy 😀 welcome to our troop!   The summer camp will be in Oregon, from June 10th to June 18th so save the date and $$$   We will be having a 5 mile hike on August 16th sign up next meeting   […]

Meeting of 8-5-14

Hello fellow PLC members, (Wait, so I was supposed to attendance???)  Okay, the following is what I could come up with for the people there. Please contact me with any questions. And as brought up at the meeting,please click on “reply” not “reply all” with non-relevant-to-the-troop business. Attendance: Brian S.           […]

Meeting of 6-24-14