Sorry for the late message. I had some work to do before Winter Break. Attached are the notes and attendance I took at the meeting. If you have any questions about the upcoming events, please check your email for any messages from the scout/adult in charge or contact the scout/adult […]

12/15/15 Troop Meeting Scribe’s Notes

2015 5/19/15 Court of Honor

Seeing as this is right after my other email, I’m just gonna be all boring and see how you all like it.  But of course, how can I when I’m just so perfectly entertaining 24/7?  😛 Attendance: Nathan            Spencer             […]

Meeting of October 7th, 2014

Well… I just now realized it’s already Thursday, so… yeah.  Don’t have any jokes on the top of my head, but I’m getting there. Attendance: Nick G.          Rory               Ari Ricky             Dashiell          Nathaniel Justin             Tyler              Gabe Aiden             Andrew N       Alex C. Evan              Blake              Conner Geon-Woo     Andrew K       Ethan L. Joaquin          Jeffrey T.       Ethan D. Cole               Daniel W.       Alden Eric                Jack               Sathya Amal              Edward […]

Meeting of 9/23