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(These are just Ideas we discussed at The Leadership Meeting/ Training on 10/25, The Ideas stated here are subject to change and are not final, they are just problems we have/ improvements we can make)     Ideas Of Scouting 1) Scout Oath, Law, and Outdoor Code 2) Patrols 3) […]

PLC/ Leadership Training 10/25

2015 5/19/15 Court of Honor

Dear Troop, Before we get on to all of my funniness and the “important information” with my amusing comments that you’ll miss… It’s time to have a moment of silence for Mr. Scott Chodorow: On November 16th, the Sunday after this one, a Celebration of Life ceremony will take place at Torrey […]

Meeting of November 4th, 2014

Seeing as this is right after my other email, I’m just gonna be all boring and see how you all like it.  But of course, how can I when I’m just so perfectly entertaining 24/7?  😛 Attendance: Nathan            Spencer             […]

Meeting of October 7th, 2014

Well… I just now realized it’s already Thursday, so… yeah.  Don’t have any jokes on the top of my head, but I’m getting there. Attendance: Nick G.          Rory               Ari Ricky             Dashiell          Nathaniel Justin             Tyler              Gabe Aiden             Andrew N       Alex C. Evan              Blake              Conner Geon-Woo     Andrew K       Ethan L. Joaquin          Jeffrey T.       Ethan D. Cole               Daniel W.       Alden Eric                Jack               Sathya Amal              Edward […]

Meeting of 9/23